Be My Valentine this year in a special way! We have a new way for you to show your adoration of your Mistress and ladies of LDW for Valentine’s day and I think it is awesome! This year you can buy Your Mistress A Valentine…….get creative write a poem or just send some love…. whatever…. just DO IT.

We won’t receive them until Valentine’s Day so it will be such a sweet treat to get showered with Valentine’s greetings The cost is just 20.00 and honestly that is a small price to show that special Lady here how much you care. You can also send a Valentine to the Dispatchers so yay! Another great thing to do showing those ladies who get you over on the phone with a smile on their face how much you appreciate them.

Those of you who belong to me ( you know who you are) are obligated to purchase one or more for me…….no debating it just do it. I ask very little from my pets and sluts so this is something you should be happy to do for me. This is a way to not just show your affection for me but your support of me in all things I do.

Roses are red
Your balls should be blue
I control that cock because you beg me too

I say when you get to stroke and play
why? because you like it that way

a sexy woman taking control
deciding when and how you get to pull on your pole

So when I say to show how much you adore me
do as I say and make me squeal with glee

This concludes my mini valentine’s day ditty I hope you found it cute and even a bit witty