Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Enjoy this Apology from my locked-up denied pussy free for life shrunken and ruined cuckold who never deserved pussy and is now making up for all those useless years he chased it.


With yet another Valentine’s Day here again, I couldn’t help but think back on the many Valentine’s Days past. How, over the years, I have come to be grateful for my locked-in chastity and pussy free, sissy, cuckold place. I felt it was only right to take a moment to THANK EVERY Woman who cuckolded me on Valentine’s days (and many …many other days) …and show my gratitude to the dozens of Men who provided those Women with the joyous trysts and orgasms that I NEVER could!

It’s not that I treated Women badly, in fact just the opposite. I worship and adore Women. I have supported them and always respected their superiority in general. I’ve purchased them flowers, candies, dinners, and gifts for Valentine’s Day……But, I was never capable of giving them what
they truly craved…. Sexual BLISS. I was always too tiny…too quick…. too timid and too submissive to perform as a Man in bed.

So, I have literally been cuckolded by EVERY Woman I have ever been involved with……and I have been cuckolded openly on MANY past Valentine’s Days as well. Instead of being jealous of that fact …. I wish to instead…. THANK …. Every Woman who has cuckolded me. I now understand my place and NEED to express my sincere gratitude to ALL the MANY Real Men who have cuckolded me as well. In fact, now when I buy a Woman, like my Goddess, lingerie for Valentine’s Day, I know, not only will I NEVER see her wear it for me…..but that it will ONLY be worn for other MEN! I am honored to be allowed provide that pleasure to them both.

I confess it was VERY unfair of me, many, many years ago, to pretend to be a man with ANY woman…. or that i ever had the audacity to hope for, to think about, or expect to have sex with any woman. I knew full well I was utterly incapable of pleasing a woman IN BED, in ANY WAY. I deserve to be pussy free for LIFE! It was rude, disrespectful, and wrong of me to harbor any sexual thoughts towards Women knowing how unworthy I am of sex, or even seeing a naked woman. In fact, if chastity devices had been around years ago, I also should have been locked away permanently (as I have been for 10 years now) before any woman had the misfortune of even seeing my pathetic clitty of a penis. And, I’m sure it’s NO surprise to anyone that EVERY
Woman I have ever been involved with not only cuckolded me….but recognized me as a sissy who belonged in, and must be put in panties!.

And so, as someone who has NEVER been capable of pleasing any woman sexually…. I feel it is my duty and responsibility to ….again…. openly and sincerely send out a THANK YOU to every woman who has cuckolded me. For at least the last 10 Valentine’s Days, I have not only been cuckolded, but also been locked in chastity and denied ANY sexual release of any kind…..This is how should have always been…and how I pray it will always be. And of course, I need to THANK the Real Men, with Real BIG COCKS who can please a woman. Those MEN who have helped the Women in my life experience sexual bliss. Something I am incapable of delivering to ANY woman. There have been so many Men who have cucked…and they know who they are. So, a belated and heartfelt thank you Gentlemen…. one and all.

And last but certainly not least……THANK YOU MISTRESS CONSTANCE…My beautiful, magnificent, stunning, perfect Goddess…For all the many times over the past 14 years that you have cuckolded me. Thank you, Goddess, for allowing me to buy you panties, sexy lingerie, and such, all for ‘other’ worthy Men to enjoy. Thank you, Goddess, for showing me my locked, sissy cuckold pussy free place. Thank you, Goddess, for sharing some of your experiences with REAL MEN …. So that I might learn to enjoy simply hearing about your pleasure with those Men…Allowing me to vicariously enjoy YOUR pleasure as my only sexual outlet! This is a cuckold’s true happy place. So, once more……Thank you again Goddess…and thank you to all the Women and Men…Thank you for cuckolding me on Valentine’s Day, for every past and future pussy free
Valentine’s Day ….!

Thank you ALL and Happy Valentine’s Day from a happy and grateful cuck….