Transformative Distance Domination is a topic that has been swirling around in my head for some time now. Honestly, I am blown away by the loyalty and trust that has been shown me over the years and the genuinely undeniable transformations I have encouraged in a few of my submissive callers.

How the transformation begins

As with most things in domination, whether in person or distance domination, it takes time. This is not something that happens overnight. With each submissive of mine that has been molded and changed by me, it has been a long and rewarding process. They came to me with a kink or topic, and over the years, we have explored them and expanded on their fantasies and desires.

Suggestive Seeds

With every transformation of a submissive it started with planting a seed or showing my excitement over a kink. Like most loyal and dedicated submissives, they wanted to please me and explore the kink with me even if, at first they didnt care for it. With each one, once we started to explore, they saw their desire for that kink grow along with my excitement and my pride for them trusting me enough to let me take them there.

Remember this: without total trust and giving up total control to your Mistress, you can not succeed in a Transformative Distance Domination relationship.

Modifying thoughts, Behaviours and Bodies

Yes, I have modified their thoughts, their behaviors, and even their bodies through distance domination. As I mentioned above, exploring things that they saw excited me, such as cum eating, was the first step. To take someone who just likes some fun humiliation and stroking and is resistant to even tasting their cum. Transforming them into a total cum eating, non-stroking humiliation junkie is beyond thrilling for me. It all starts with that seed.

Transformative Distance Domination and Body Modification

Yes, it is possible, even with long-distance domination, to modify someone’s body. Not because I insist on it oh no it is because they desire to be pushed further and deeper and deeper. My prime example is someone I now call dickless, who started as a fantasy cuckold call. Over the years, through trust and respect and total loyalty and devotion, has turned into my pussy free, denied beta locked in chastity for life. I have taken what was just under an average penis and rendered it into a nub of skin that has been mistaken for uncircumcised because of the amount of shrinkage.

Changing Habits and Minds

Part of being able to transform a submissive is changing their habits, and the only way to do this is with them following your instructions without question. A very regular type of guy is only allowed to watch tgirl porn and fantasize about cum facials. Now, that is all he wants. He does not resist this type of instruction; he craves it. Reminding him he does not need to lust after women’s tits when he has his own tits to play with. Now, watching him become a total self-titty licker is exciting, empowering, and gives me such a thrill.

Locking an unworthy cock in chastity because it never pleased a woman. Restricting and even punishing him for even looking at a woman’s naked body on the internet in movies or even in person. This has changed the way he now thinks. He knows pussy was never something he should have ever gotten to experience. Based on the fact he could never sexually satisfy any woman ever…even before me. His mind has changed so much about what he is worthy of seeing and such that he has unlocked memories. Oh, those long-forgotten disappointed women in his life. He is now forbidden even to mention he ever had sex. Having him seek out chastity posts, large cocks worthy of his lips, and ways to serve women. This is how he became the excellent pussy free for life submissive he is today.

How does Transformative Distance Domination make me feel

Pride I feel so much pride in my submissives, joy at unlocking things that have become thrilling and exciting for us both. It is rewarding watching the transformation and the modifications. Total control and power are thrilling and intoxicating, and I have no intention of stopping now. So on this one-year continuous lock-up of dickless’s nub in chastity. I want to say thank you for trusting me, thank you for following me, and thank you for allowing me to transform your mind and body.

Transformative Distance Domination Mistress Constance