HI I am sure your wondering just how to get in touch with me for a session so below are some details on how to do a session and how to reach me.

You can e-mail me at any time to set up an appointment or to simply find out if I enjoy your type of kink

Calling Dispatch

You can do a Call with me by calling 1-800-601-6975 ask for me and our friendly dispatchers will get your information and send you right to me
**note if I am not available you can request they give me a call to see if I can take your call**

Sexy Texting

You can do a sexy texting session…this is online and is as graphic and explicit as a phone session and great for those who do not have privacy. To do a sexy texting session with me first contact me via yahoo to be sure I am available empressconstance is my yahoo user name. If I am free you can go to and pay for our session once you have done this just give me the e-maill address you used for the purchase i will get you verified and open the sexytexting chat room for you to join me…once there our session will begin.

Skype Calls

Yes I do skype calls my skype name is empressconstance1 again you should contact me either by mail or yahoo to be sure I am available and once you know I am you will go to to pay for your session, send me the e-mail address you used to pay for it and I will get you verified and meet you on skype where our session can begin.

I can watch you via skype or yahoo but you will not be able to watch me……I can watch you regardless of what type of session you do be it a call or a skype or even a  sexy texting session and I must say I do enjoy watching.

Click to call

We have a feature where you can pay for your session online and the system will set up a call with us…you do this by going to any of my profiles and clicking on the click to call button. Your purchase is safe and secure and will not involve having to speak to dispatch.

Now that you have all the many ways to get in touch with me for your phone sex session get your cock out and be prepared to be rocked!!!

Please feel free to e-mail or message me if you have any questions on how to get in touch with me