Welcome to our annual Halloween Blog Train this year our Theme is the Enchantrix Enchanted Forest. You will find yourself wandering through the Enchanted Forest with wild and kinky adventures up ahead some with the Enchanted Forest Theme and some that go off the rails….either way, you are sure to enjoy what is one of our favorite annual traditions.

To follow along on this blog train at the end of every lady’s story they will be linking to the next lady’s blog.

Your Enchanted Journey Begins

As you enter the Enchanted Forest at dusk you take notice of the sound of fall leaves crunching under your feet with each step you take, the sound of the wind brushing the limbs and leaves of the forest. Suddenly you get a chill that goes to your core you feel unsettled and the wind picks up just a bit and you find yourself picking up your pace. As you hustle through the forest you come to the top of a hill and you take note of just how slippery the leaves are under your feet and suddenly without warning on your next step BOOM you are on your ass and sliding down the hill out of control.

As you finally get to the bottom of the hill you stand up and realize you are soaking wet and just then the sky opens up and it begins to rain. The dusk has now turned to darkness and you begin to look around for some place to shelter during this sudden downpour. Lighting strikes with a loud sound of thunder following it making the hair stand up on the back of your neck…in the flash of lighting you see just up ahead of you what appears to be a cave and decide to take shelter inside.

Seeking Shelter in a Cave

Suddenly another crack of thunder a huge bolt of lightning you hear a tree creek and suddenly SMASH a branch has fallen right next to you it is massive and you realize you are in real danger and move closer to the cave entrance……then it hits…a bolt of lightning CRACK and down you go…

You awaken only to realize you must have been hit by lightning or a branch from one of the trees because you lost consciousness…..your head is throbbing and your clothes are gone. You search around in the brush for something to cover yourself with and think why are my clothes gone how did I end up naked? Could I have been struck by lightning and it singed off? Why am I not burnt? So many confusing thoughts rushing through your head the rain has picked up and the water around you is getting deeper so you work your way into the cave that is covered with moss on the outside….you push and pull at the moss finding a small opening just big enough for you to fit into.

You finally make your way into the cave and realize it is very warm inside of this cave and damp. It is dark and you can not see anything so you begin to go deeper into this cave and as you do the ground under your bare feet which feels like squishy moss begins to tremble and you think oh no not an earthquake what if I get trapped in this cave? You panic and try to work your way to the entrance only to feel yourself being squeezed as if the walls of the cave are closing in on you. you steady yourself by putting your hands against the walls of the cave realizing it too feels squishy and damp just like the floor of the cave and suddenly under your feet you feel a trickle of water…….or what you think is water.

The Cave is moving is this an earthquake?

As your mind races wondering what type of cave could I be in you feel another tremble and you start to push against the walls of the cave they have a slight give to them but you are still trapped unable to find the way out. You begin to flail wildly in hopes of being able to stop this cave from crushing you. Yet the more you flail the more the rumbles continue only they are harder and longer. You begin to hear a loud noise almost as if the forest outside is moaning. You decide to not move but to instead stay very still and suddenly the rumbling and moaning forest outside stops. You compose yourself and realize you must stay still in order to keep this cave from collapsing on you and crushing you.

Another trickle of water under your feet like a small tiny creek running ever so slightly……you realize there must be an outside source to this water so you begin to very carefully and slowly try to make your way deeper to find the source……..but within 3 steps suddenly you feel your entire body uncontrollably trembling but this time it is different it feels electric in some way and then suddenly the ground under you begins to almost throb up and down like you are riding a wave….you fall down and can’t get back up no matter how much you try you keep slipping and falling the little trickle under your feet is now much more almost like a stream….the sound is louder as if your ears are buzzing…..then the rumbles of the earthquake begin again that loud deep moan of the forest makes your heart race faster…….

you can barely breathe the walls are closing in on you and you begin to scream out….and just as you do you feel yourself being thrust forward by a raging river of water you hear what sounds like a woman moaning but it is defaning you hear yes yes………………..and suddenly as if you are on the edge of a waterfall you feel yourself being thrust out of the cave with a gush of water spraying on you as you fly through the air landing naked covered in not what you thought was water but something sticky and thicker than water.

Giantess Pussy Cave

You lay there breathless afraid to move or look back at the cave when suddenly you feel a massive presence when you finally get the nerve to look back and what do you see but a Giant Woman sitting up on her elbows legs spread and cum dripping from her pussy breathless and licking her lips…….and you scream in horror OMG that was not a cave that was a Giantess Pussy…………………..and you pass the fuck out covered in Giantess cum.



When you finally Awaken you find yourself visiting Mistress Lexi Here to continue your Enchantix Enchanted Forest Journey