Lube Reviews

I am starting a brand new page here with Lube Reviews done by our very own self proclaimed Lube Tester Forrest!

Unicorn Sp*t Donut Flavored Lube ****New Lube Review***

The AVN awards awarded Trigg Labs, makers of Wet lubricants, the Outstanding Lubricant Award in 2017 for its Unicorn Sp*t Donut Flavored Lube. Well of course having such an odd and unique lube be the winner of the year I had to give it a try.

Unicorn Sp*t is a water based flavored lube from the company that brings us Wet lubes.  This makes it safe to use with any silicon toys you may choose to use it with. Personally I avoid using flavored lubes with my toys as they do tend to hold the scents.

Unicorn Sp*t is labeled as donut flavored. When I test a flavored lube for review I will give it a little taste. Now I have worked in donut shops for a number of years and I think I know donuts, this had no flavor like any donut I have ever eaten. So if you are going for flavor this is not your best bet. I could also say the same of the scent. I had an aroma more like Wet Original water based lube with just a slight hint of something else, although I could not say the something else was donuts but more of just a slight chemical scent.

But we use lubes for other reasons as well. Unicorn Sp*t has a nice silky feel to it right off the bat. It gave a nice slide on my shaft as I stroked away. I would have to say that this lasted a little longer than most water based lubes that I have used. Now when I use water based lubes I keep a little spritzer bottle full of water next to me to refresh the lube until it completely washes out. Unicorn Sp*t lasted the longest between spritzes. As it is water based I would say that I is safe for using in your toys if you choose to. With the longer lasting glide this would be great for you rocket wristers. Marathon edger’s can benefit from a spritzer bottle by their side.

All in all I say Unicorn Sp*t is a fair water based lube, flavor not withstanding.

Glide is a water based lube  from ID Lubes

This lube lives up to its name. A little in your hand and grab hold and glide that hand up and down. Glide last a good long time and as it dries it does not get sticky it just gets thick.

Add a couple of drops of fresh Glide or a spritz of water and your good to go. For the high speed strokers Glide gives you a nice slick ride that can last a fairly good amount of time.

Being a water based lube Glide is great for all of your toy uses as well.

I always have a bottle on my shelf for mine. Non staining and unscented Glide is safe for all your stroking needs.


Warm Lovin’ by Life Styles

Warm Lovin’ is going to leave you feeling a bit cold. This water based warming lube has no staying power.
It is however a nice warmer. Stroking with Warm Lovin will not last very long, as it dries out it gets a kind of grainy feeling, and don’t even bother trying for some speedy stroking.

Warm Lovin does give a nice warming feeling that will last longer than the slip will, but if you keep some other lube around you can use it with this, I might recommend your favorite silicon lube.

That said if you are a quick stroker this isn’t too bad, its inexpensive and easy to find. I bought my bottle in a grocery store. Although it is marketed as a water based lube there is no water in the ingredient list. It did have a very sweet taste, almost like sugar and it passed my stain test.

If you are looking for something to warm you up this is not so bad, but expect to use a bit more than you are used to as a lube.


Max 4 Men Maximum Satisfaction

Max Satisfaction masturbation cream’s tag line “rub one out” fit’s the bill. It comes in a tube much like a hand cream. Squeeze some out into your hand and it has the consistency of a thick hand cream. That’s where the hand cream comparison ends. This stuff is a nice thick cream. You can get a nice slow stroking pace going, fast at this stage is not going to happen. As you stroke and it starts to dry out it gets a bit thicker, not sticky.

At some point after it starts to thicken it also starts to change. It starts to get slick and smooth. When this happens you can stay with a nice slow stoke or crank it up. It can handle any speed you throw at it. If it starts to dry up at this stage, add just a little bit to your hand and it will mix right in and stay slick, or you could go for a lot in the hand and get the thickness again. I have gotten it to a point where it was part thick and part smooth doing this for a very different feeling.

Max Satisfaction is a water based lube, unscented, unflavored and pheromone infused lube. It did not stain on my test cloth. Although it is water based I would not suggest using it in your toys as it is a cream and may be difficult to clean out of them.

All in all Max Satisfaction will provide you with just that.



Sasha Grey’s LoveSpit

I have heard it more than once. Saliva  is the best lube, some one should bottle it. Well Doc Johnson did, and they named it after porn star Sasha Grey.

Water based and fun to use, LoveSpit is about as close to bottled spit as you will get. Starts out nice and slick and goes for a fair amount of time. As it dries it gets a bit thick. Adding a spritz of water or a bit more of the lube is good for refreshing. I also found that adding a bit of my own makes it really slick, good for the speed strokers.

Safe for your toys, non-staining and has no taste. LoveSpit also has the added benefit of being a moisturizer, leaving you feeling soft even while your hard.



E. Cummings Original Elbow Grease

Elbow Grease has the distinction of being one of the longest available personal lubricants. E. Cummings  started in 1979, Elbow Grease was one of the first four products they produced. Still available in its original formulation, Elbow Grease is a mineral oil based lubricant. It has a nice creamy texture to it and comes in tubs rather than in a bottle.

Elbow Grease has a nice slide to it that lasts a really long time. Great for both the slow stoking and the fastest slide you want to throw at it. Being  mineral oil based this is not good for your toys and I was told that it is only good for external use. 

Elbow Grease is one of my favorite mixer and fixer. I have used this as a second lube added over another lube I am using and it greatly enhances most every one of them. I use it in this fashion when I come across a lube that isn’t any good. It helps most of them at least a little bit.

 As a result of the oil base of Elbow Grease will stain most fabrics. Use a little elbow grease and you will be happy you did.


Bacon Lube

A couple of years ago J&D Meat, as part of the online April Fools Day pranks, put up an add for Bacon Lube. It was only meant to be a joke. The company got such a huge response that they decided to make it a reality. 


 I heard about the Bacon Lube and having the obsession with lubes that I have, even if just for the novelty of it, had to get a bottle.  I tried to find out who produced the lube for J&D Meats but was unable to find out for sure. I do know that one of the big lube company’s does do private labels for people and company’s that want it but I don’t know if they do custom products, and bacon lube would be a custom item in my mind.


 The lube it self is just a plain water based lube that is scented and, I use the term loosely, flavored like bacon. It starts off with a nice slick glide that really does not last for very long. It does have a very strong bacony aroma to it but the flavor falls very flat. It had a flavor like most plain water based lubes, a bit of a sweetness to it, with just a hint of smoky bacon as an after taste. It did have a bit more of a chemical taste to it as well.


 Like I said, the aroma was nice and strong. It may have been a bit too strong actually. After my session and my regular clean up I went to bed. The next morning my hand still had that familiar bacon aroma to it, it lasted into my first cleaning job which the cleaners I use made it go away.


Although it is a water based lube I would not recommend using it in any toys, mostly because of the aroma, no telling how long it will last on them. I have to admit, there is a good chance I will never use this lube again myself, but for the novelty of it is kinda funny.



Wet Synergy

Synergy from Wet is a line of hybrid lubes. It comes in three different varieties, basic, cool tingle and warming. Hybrid lubes are nice because they are easy to cleanup and usually, like water based lube do not stain but last a long time like silicon.

 The Synergy Basic is a really nice lube. It starts off in a thick gel but slicks up as you use it. Great for speed stroking, it last and lasts.  Basic will give you a nice long ride. Warming Synergy is just that, warming. This is the most intense sensation of warming I have ever felt from a lube, I would almost call it hot. Cool Tingle Synergy has a wonderful feel to it. Like the warming it is also very intense in the cool department.

Either one of the by themselves will give you a fantastic ride. Something I really like to do with them is to alternate them. I will start with one of them and as the glide starts to wear off I will freshen up with the other. There is something wonderful about doing this that I can not find the words to describe.  It is also safe for using with most toys.


Bad Dragon Cum Lube

I was in an adult toy store talking to the clerk about lubes and I made the comment that I am always looking for something different. She came out from behind the counter and went to the lube section of the store. She grabbed a bottle and said this stuff is interesting.
Bad Dragon is a water based lube that looks and feels just like cum, however it does not taste like cum. Nice and slick this stuff will give you a good glide. Not so good for the speed strokers as the slick does not last for a very long time. This is ok though, as this is where the interesting part comes in.
As Bad Dragon dries out it does not get sticky, it gets tacky, like paint as it is drying. When it gets to this point I like to stop stroking and wrap my hand around the shaft, then just open and close my hand giving it a really interesting feeling, fantastic for when you are in the mood for some great teasing
It will continue to dry out and leave a dry film behind.  To get an idea as to what it feels like just think about the paint drying example. I always find myself repeating the process a couple of times. Another thing I tried with this lube is some lube layering.
I start out with a little petroleum jelly type lube and when I am coated both on my cock and my hand I will put some of the Cum Lube on my hand and stroke away. It gives a really nice glide, sliding between the petroleum jelly. As it dries it gives a rather unique feeling, kind of like sticking and gliding at the same time. At least that is the best way I can think of to describe it.


Pjur Energy Glide

Upon the special request of Ms Constance, where I was to masturbate while thinking about her perky nipples and then do a review of the lube I used. I decided to use a lube from my box of new lubes and chose one I had never used before. Of course just thinking about titties isn’t quite enough for me so I added pics of  her lovely ass and some audios of hers as well.

Pjur (pronounced pure) Energy lube is a water based lube that has cocoa and ginger added to it. It has a nice light ginger scent to it although the flavor is not so strong.  Energy provides a nice glide, but the really good thing about this is the extra ingredients add to the thrill.
It is slightly warming and very invigorating on the cock by increasing circulation in the penis. Energy lasts for a fair amount of time and as it dries it does not get sticky it just goes away.  Being water based it will not stain your fabrics and is safe, and really nice in toys.


1-22-2013 This is our next lube review but I wanted to share a link to Ms Claire’s Blog she did an interview with forrest about his lube obsession check it out HERE

Wet Platinum

Platinum from Wet is the first silicon based lube I tried and I always like to have a bottle of it on the shelf. I has a really nice glide to it. Silky smooth that lasts a good long time. Being a silicon lube it will stain most fabric, I have a stain on a sheet from a small spill.
Of course the main reason some one would like a silicon lube is for use in water. I do not have a hot tub and the bathroom tub is a bit small for any practical use in submerged stroking so I needed to come up with a good test for the water usage. I decided on using a direct spray from the shower head onto my hands and cock while stroking, a really good feeling by it self I may add. So I did this with the Platinum and got nice slide going with the water spraying right on me and it stayed nice and slippery for long enough for me to edge.
Platinum is a silicon based lube so be careful which toys you use it with. I have had no problems with the Tenga toys that I use but I have been reluctant to use it in any of my Fleshlights. Clean up is a little more involved than with water based lubes and some soap is required…. All in all Wet Platinum is a good lube for your stroking needs.


ID Juicy Cool Mint Lube

Masturbation inspiration comes from many places. Most recently I got some from Ms Constance on her feature day. I got lucky enough to have a good and early work day so I decided to make a call. I got fortunate and got a chance to talk to her and hear her sexy voice. She left me with a great visual of her fine bottom in black panties and a hot fur lined bra, with the request that I use a wet and juicy lube and write a review on that lube. The lube I chose was ID’s Juicy lube line Cool Mint.

ID Juicy Lube line is a group of flavored lubes with the Cool Mint being my personal favorite. It has a really strong mint aroma to it and has a light, sweet mint taste to it as well. The cool is subtle but definitely noticeable.

Juicy is a water based lube that goes on very slick with an almost gel kind of a feel to it. It lasts a fair amount of time that as it dries it starts to get a little thicker. I keep a small spray bottle of water next to me for adding a spritz of water to my hand that freshens Juicy up really nicely.

Juicy gives a really nice slide to your hand for some fast stroking and holds out really well for slow strokes. As a water based lube it is safe for all toys, cleans up easily and will not stain fabric. ID Juicy Lube is also available in Bubble Gum, Watermelon, Passion Fruit, Pina Colada, Strawberry Kiwi and Wild Cherry flavors. Go out and get your favorite flavor and get juicy.


Flesh Lube

Flesh lube is put out by the same company that created the Fleshlights and was made for use with them. Flesh Lube comes in three varieties, Water, Fire and Ice. Water is a basic water based lube. Fire is the same water based with a warmer added and Ice is water based cooling lube.

Flesh Lube is a very thin almost watery consistency that is not very good for hand stroking. But it was not made for hands it was made for toys. This is were this lube shines. It lasts a really long time when used in a Fleshlight. When it starts to dry out a spritz of water will rejuvenate the lube.

Flesh Lube Ice gives a really cool feel while inside of a toy and the cool will stay with you for a fairly long time. Flesh Lube Fire has a nice subtle warming feeling to it. All three will give you a great flight with a Fleshlight or any other toy you may use it within. Being water based it will not stain, cleans up really easily and of course is safe for all toys.


Him leather

Him Leather lube is produced by ID Lubes. Mineral oil is the base for this semi-thick cream lube. Him is a nice and slick lube that will give you a nice slide for your ride.
Him does not dry out or get sticky as it is used and lasts a fairly long time. Him has a very strong leather scent to it and as it is used and warms the aroma gets a bit stronger.
Being an oil based lube Him will stain very easily. I also suggest not using it with any toys as oil based lubes tend to ruin most toy materials. Lube up and buck one out.


AdamMale Wood Wax

Wood Wax is an oil based lube that uses olive oil as its base. It also contains bees wax which gives it its most interesting quality.

Wood Wax comes in a tub rather than a bottle and in its starting state is a rather thick paste/ When first applied Wood Wax has a bit of a grainy feel to it caused by the tiny beads of bees wax that it contains.

I would not recommend using Wood Wax as a starting lube because or this but instead switch to it at some point when you are fully erect. This is because this is where you get the best sensations from the beads of bees wax. As stroking continues the beads start to soften and melt to a really slick lube. In this state Wood Wax starts to get very slick and will give the best ride for fast strokers and of course those who prefer to take their time will get a long lasting slide out of this lube.
Because it is an oil based lube I do not recommend using it with toys as oil tends to damage most toy materials. It can also stain most fabrics.
Happy stroking.