Sexy Phone Mistress

This is for all of those clients who have done phone sex sessions with me to share with others their experience with me on the phone. Feel free to comment after a session with me and let others know what you thought.  E-mail your Testimonial and I will  post it for you, as you sent it  without revealing your name. To see more reviews of me check out my Reviews page over on the Daily Cock


What is a call with Empress Constance like? What it like for those fortunate enough to choose to serve a Goddess? What is it like to bask in the sweet bliss of surrender to One as beautiful, intelligent and commanding? Let me try to answer.

For me, serving Empress Constance has, from the start, felt “Perfect.”  She does not so much demand as expect perfection from her submissive.  As her submissive, I have done things I would not have imagined I could have done. I desire things I would not have thought I wanted and all because doing or wanting to do those things makes her proud of me.

I cannot really use words to explain the feeling I get on a call. When I hear her voice, it evokes the memory of a warm spring day. Like the tingly feeling you get when the sunshine hits your face and skin after a long winter..  If you’re good and deserving Mistress can send those sensations  rolling over your skin as you bask in the sunshine of her  presence.  I have on occasion felt those tingles for hours after a call.

My only hesitation in imploring any submissive to call her would be a nagging fear that she might find another more worthy submissive. But I would never be so selfish. Her happiness is paramount in my concerns. Such thoughts only heighten my need to be as perfect a cuckold or submissive as I can be for her. She is a Goddess and all who speak to her will know how true those words are.



Calls with Empress Constance are much more than just calls. They are experiences that you will not forget anytime soon.
Especially if you’ll allow yourself the pleasure of giving her control of your fetishes.  Once I gave her the keys to my desires
and kinks things became a wonderfully unpredictable, spontaneous ride, filled with days of wild lust and anticipation of what
might happen next.  Once she captured my heart, I could only think of ways to give her as much pleasure as she has given me.
A subtle control, but make no mistake, she will be in control.

Doing a call with Empress Constance is the most amazing thing. She knows how you think and brings out every desire that you have. You don’t recognize it yet, but you belong to her. You are under her control, her spell. You beg for pleasure, but she controls the timing. You are moaning with desire, she giggles, and then laughs. She knows she owns you. She teases you. You beg. Your satisfaction is in her hands. Finally, the moment happens, you get relief. You moan gratitude to your Empress. And all you can think about is you know what it is like to be owned by Empress Constance and satisfying her every wish.


A call with Empress Constance is like a personal fantasy come true.  I have experienced many calls with Ms. Constance and no two of them have been exactly the same.  I’ve had some guided masturbation calls where Mistress Constance controls every single stroke and even whether or not I get to experience orgasm.  I’ve had calls where I just want to talk to my Empress and it’s a light banter back and forth.  I even had the pleasure of trying out a  GFE (Girl Friend Experience) call.  One of the best things about Ms. Constance is her fertile imagination and her innate ability to take the direction of the call in exactly the right direction.  She is truly amazing and I have loved every single phone call with her.  I look forward to each and every call and I know that I will never grow tired of listening to the Lady that I voluntarily turned control of my cock over to.

Robert in Texas


I had my first call with Ms. Constance several years ago but it has only been the last several months that I have been calling her on a regular basis and I couldn’t be happier!
Ms. Constance is so easy to talk to, I have never felt nervous or intimidated and she always makes me feel that she is truly interested in me as a person, in fact, I think we have become good friends and share our day to day lives with each other.
She has also brought balance to my life, she provides an outlet for my kinky side which I cannot do in real life and together we have explored my feminine side and brought some of my greatest fantasies to real life.
And she is so sexy! Damn she is hot!. She totally owns me, she knows how to push my buttons, know what gets me going and how to keep me there. When I am with her there is no question that she is in control. From the moment i hear her voice on the phone everything around me disappears and it is just us-
I highly recommend calling Ms. Constance if you are looking for an intelligent, beautiful, funny Mistress who also know what you want probably better than you do!
sissy chrissy