Welcome to my Blog and thank you for taking the time to read about me….I just had the basics in here before but upon a suggestion I have decided to tell you more about me and how I think and feel. Enjoy it!

The beautiful place I live

First of all lets start with the basics… I live in Florida on the west coast in one of the most beautiful places in the world!  See..

I am single and love it and currently have a few men in my life that I enjoy in many ways only with no strings attached! I love my family and friends and they all know that this is what I do for a living…in fact when I told them they all …every single one of them……said that it is  perfect for you! I suppose everyone knows I love sex and I am very sexual and open minded and yes even kinky.

My Style

Now lets touch on style for a moment, I am a natural and by natural I mean I can have any man doing what I want naturally without him even realizing I am being dominant….that’s my style…I am not the mean nasty mistress who has to assert my authority every moment of every day….screaming and yelling or treating you like you are less than human…but I am in charge and you will know it and respect it. I can be demanding and strict when need be…but I will never make you do anything that you have not asked and even begged for.

Sensual and Natural

I am what you would say is a sensual dom doing things in a natural sexy way to get what I need and want, and I have been doing so since I was younger…it is easy when you are pretty to get what you want and the best  part is getting what I want without even asking.

To have a man or men throw themselves at you doing whatever you may need wish or desire simply because they adore you is very much a turn on and a thrill for me. So if your wondering what I get out of all this there you have it…turned on, a thrill, a complete and total rush that being in control can give a person.

How I feel about kinks

Now lets talk about kinks and how I feel about them, I enjoy all kinks to a degree I am not your hard core dom being nasty just because I can or because I am in charge.

I am an open minded sexually charged woman, meaning that I am open to any and all kinks within reason. I truly believe that no two cuckolds are alike or no two sissy girls are alike for each person that kink is molded and made to order for them.

One size does NOT fit all

I simply do not believe in putting any one person or any one kink into a box and focus solely around the typical of the kink or the norm…I want to hear what it is about your kink that turns YOU on what part of it appeals to you and will not assert my idea of a kink on anyone…..there are so many branches to the kink tree and they are ever growing and changing and I for one embrace that and appreciate that.

simply put I live by and fully understand Different stroke for Different folks. And in saying that I should not be put in a box either…I may be a sensual dom but look out because when I need to be I can be very strict and cruel and down right mean even….but as I mentioned before I like to reserve for when it is needed the most.


One other thing I also believe is if you have a fantasy….explore it find out what about it makes you tick so you can zero in on it and truly enjoy it…if you have been obsessing about a fantasy or kink for years TRY IT…you may find you have built it up in your mind and it really is not for you….or you may find it is all you ever imagined and want more more more of it.

Life is to short why not explore

I do not believe in hiding who you are or what your needs are BE YOU whatever makes you happy I say go for it! Life is short don’t pretend to live a life that does not make you happy and deny yourself the life you KNOW will….am I suggesting you all change your lives right  this second, well NO but I am suggesting that you stop worrying so much about others hang ups and the way society looks at a certain group don’t let the closed minded people of the world run your life…..it is YOUR life!

Ok so I think that gives you all a much better idea about who I am and what I am about….I am smart, sassy and sexy. I am blunt and honest and above all real…I have the ability to turn your fantasy into as close to reality as possible by painting you a picture, leaving you not only feeling amazing but with a sense of someone gets you, I listen and I am open to learn and above all else I am ME.

Now do I sound like the perfect woman to you? The ideal mistress fit? Well then lets talk some and get to know each other better and begin exploring your kink and your fantasy there are a few ways you can contact me I will list them below…..and be sure to check out my pictures tab here and you must check out all the hundreds of free erotic audios I have right here

E-mail~ constance@enchantrixempire.com

Skype ID~ Empressconstance1

Follow me on twitter @MissConstance     I share lots of things on here so follow me to get the sexy!

I am on  tumblr even though they have changed you can find me here phonesexmistressconstance.tumblr.com/

Phone~ 1-800-601-6975

Text sessions~ www.sexytexting.com