So in my last kink korner podcast we discussed how to get rid of unwanted erections. Of course I never knew there was  such a thing, I mean what guy wants to get rid of his erection? Hell there is meds on the market to help you get an keep an erection! So here are some of the ways to get rid of an unwanted erection and I encourage you all to leave comments about A] is there even such a thing as an unwanted erection and B] How would you suggest getting rid of one?

1 Cold water/shower/ice brrrrrrrrrrr shrink that erection away
2 Think not so sexy thoughts, like an old lady naked or sports or something
3 pinch it slap it…of course this does not work for those of you who enjoy a bit of pain hehehehe
4 Someone in chat during my show said turn 50 hahahahaha this made me crack up
5 go for a walk or jog or exercise the erection away
6 Do your taxes I mean what better way to shrivel up than to do stuff for the IRS hahahha
7 Think of the nastiest thing you can like rotting fish and how it would smell and I bet you lose your boner unless you are a FREAK hhahahahaha
8 of course my favorite way to get rid of an erection or in fact never allow one to happen is lock that dick in chastity!

So there are 8 ways to get rid of an erection when you do not wish to have one. Again I find the whole thing crazy because after all I am in the business of making guys get erections, and sure I might deny them an orgasm and all of that fun stuff but I still like you to get hard and horny before I say NO NO NO! Of course there are a few of you who are locked in chastity long term for me who I don’t allow erections at all….. but I still like to do things that make you swell and ache in your cages hehehe