Happy Hump day everyone!! Well as per usual on hump days I do my weekly podcast kink korner. and tonight we will be discussing sex toys. I want to know your go to sex toys, or the sex toys you stay away from.

Your favorite sex toy

So what is your favorite sex toy to use in aiding your masturbation? Is there one toy you have tried that just surpasses all others? Share what yours is and why you enjoy it so much and I will be sure to touch on it tonight.

sex toy fails

Have you ever had a sex toy that just sucked? It could be something that didnt bring you pleasure or a sex toy that simply didnt live up to its advertisement.

cleaning sex toys

yes we will even talk about the care and cleaning of your sex toys. It is super important with any type of sex to  be sure it is cleaned before and after use. I sure hope all of you have a good healthy routine of cleaning your naughty toys

hidden sex toys

i will also discuss for those of you who hide their sex toys how to be careful and how to keep track of them especially int he throws of passion! I have witnessed dildos being tossed to the side and then have that person forget to pick that one up only to see it later when others were around and have to stash it under a couch. Yes funny but also scary.

funny sex toy stories

If you have a funny sex toy story you would like to share come join me during the show in the adult kink chat room…or you can comment here or mail me with your funny sex toy story

See you all tonight at 8 pm eastern for kink korner the sex toy show!