I have gotten a real kick out of the feed back about this blog….it seems I have been not only a cock tease to the guy in the story but to all of you readers as well………………….PERFECT that is just what I wanted…..now you can read the finish to this story and be sure to tell me what you think!

I watch you wiggling on the bed a few minutes and say are you ready for it again….you stop and lay there very still and say yes please please……I giggle and say call me goddess…your eyes dart up glaring at me yes please GODDESS I laugh and say ohhh such frustration in your voice my sweet stroker…..I grab the fleshlight again easily slipping your hard throbbing cock back inside and your face says it all…. you are so horny and so desperate to cum and I begin to pump it up and down you start moaning and I say do you want to cum for me stroker? You plead yes yes yes I need to cum so badly. I just love the fact that you are begging to cum for me!

I stop stroking you with the fleshlight leaving it on your cock and I say okay stroker if I allow you to cum it will be with the following conditions…you say anything anything please I need to cum and as I start to tell you the conditions I stroke your cock slowly…..
1) I own this cock….you look at me eyes wide you what? I stroke slowly and I can see the need in your eyes and I say you heard me I OWN THIS COCK and I stop pumping …you quickly says yes yes you own this cock…..good stroker I say and begin stroking you again…
2) You will not masturbate without my permission…….you know if you do not answer yes right away I will stop so you says yes yes yes I will not masturbate without your permission……………good stroker I smile down at him continuing to stroke slowly ….
3) I decide where your cum goes….his eyes dart at me once again and I stop do you understand he doesn’t say anything you can tell his mind is trying to process what I have just said and I said again….I decide where that cum goes…..

I stroke once and he says yes yes whatever you want wherever you want and I laugh good stroker pulling that flesh light off his dick…he grunts no why why you said if I agree you would let me cum and I laugh grabbing his ankles pushing his legs above his head and gripping his dick in my hand pumping hard and fast I say Yes and I DECIDE WHERE THAT CUM GOES  NOW OPEN WIDE!!! HE STARTS TO PROTEST NO NO I CANT I DO NOT WANT TO TASTE IT….I continue pumping him hard and he suddenly lets out a growl screaming as I expertly pump his hot load of cum into is open moaning mouth…laughing at him I say good stroker now swallow………he swallows because he has no other choice!

 I lay next to him as he pants and tries to get a grip on what just happened to him…I look at him and say now sweetie be sure to follow my rules and we wont have any more issues…..he grumbles yes….fuck…yes……I look at him and say Yes what?? Yes Goddess he says and I walk out of the room giggling as he is yelling hey untie my hands……I will when I am ready I yell back.


So there you have it horny strokers that is how my sexy story ended! What do you all think about the ending? Do you think I could have you so horny and teased to the edge that you would do ANYTHING to cum????? Thanks for follwoing the story I enjoyed all your comments!!