Happy Saturday Everyone! As many of you know our amazing and awesome Ms Catherine has moved on to new adventures in life and has left LDW/Enchantrix. This makes many of her fans very sad as well as many of her fellow Mistresses. So the chat room folks and myself are putting together a tribute to her podcast/cock radio shows For Sunday September 1st 2019 from 8-9pm eastern time.

Contribute to the tribute show

This is how you get involved. Record or write your favorite memory of either the magic bus show or the magic carpet show. I will be gathering them and sharing them during the tribute show. If you are not sure how to record reach out to me I can help. If you are too shy to record no worries just write something up for me to read during the show.

Join in on the fun

If you are not sure what to share or simply rather just sit back and listen to the show that is cool too. Be sure to join us in the adult chat room during the live podcast and add to the tribute to one amazing Mistress, of course you will also want to be tuned into the show as well so you can hear all the amazing tributes to our amazing Ms Catherine.

Contact me for questions/submissions

So if you have any questions regarding this tribute show or you want to send me something to use during the show please just e-mail me Constance@enchantrixempire.com i will be taking submissions for the show all the way up till the morning of September 1st, so you have plenty of time to reach out and send something in.

Ms Catherine are you watching?

This is for Ms Catherine just in case she may be out there watching and keeping an eye on us. We would love to have you pop in on the show if you like. Everyone wants you to know how much you mean and have meant to them over the years and they want to show you how much they care and will miss you. We love you woman and the place wont be the same without you