Happy Locktober!!!! I am Constance your Guide into the locktober Enchantrix blog train. Join us every couple of days as a new Mistress will guide you through our sexy spooky museum where I am sure you will encounter many sexy yet spooky things………………..are you ready?

Sexy Exhibits

Every museum has history and stories to be shared but our spooky sexy museum has a sexual twist to those stores and exhibits, enter into the great hall where you will find people wandering around in a trance-like state wearing very little clothing if any at all.

Feast your eyes on the leashed men led by their Mistress using them as human furniture and taunting and teasing them as they try not to show excitement, you see all of these men are locked in chastity, and when erect those chastity cages become painful small little spikes pressing into that tender penis skin. These are the men of the Museum they come to life after dark….the lost horny boys who never escaped….will you too end up like them?

Hear the roars of laughter as you are somehow magically led through the great Halls of this sexy Museum as if you have no control over your own body………….you are trapped unable to get out you must proceed forward making your way through the museum no matter what the next room holds you MUST continue. You see signs everywhere saying the penalty for not continuing to the next exhibit is you will be forever trapped locked in chastity and a slave forever!

What does the first exhibit have in store for you? Will it be a spooky sexy Mistress making you edge but warning you not to cum? Will you be made to perform oral duties for a Mistress? Will you be spanked until your ass is red and burning? Will your cock and balls be tied and beaten? Ohhh and do beware of the wax figure room in the museum where the wax is likely to drip hot and lava-like onto your cock and balls!

Follow along

It is time for you to continue your night locked in the museum with the next post coming up from Duchess Willow to be posted on 10/3/20 what she has in store for you will surely make you quiver and squirm!!!!!