I have known crossdressing men pretty much all my life and I have been fortunate to truly get to know what makes them tick. At least for the most part one thing I can say for sure is cross dressing does not mean a man wants to be a woman.

Cross dressing is freeing

Many of the crossdressing guys I know do it because it is fun and exciting. They enjoy slipping into something soft and sexy and feel how it flows on their bodies as they walk. They enjoy a light soft side when dressed in women’s clothing and lingerie, it has been explained to me like a weight lifted off them and a wonderful soft escape from the day.

Crossdressing does not make you gay

There is another thought out there in society that a man who enjoys cross dressing is gay. That really is not the case at all. Although I am not saying that some cross dressing men don’t enjoy a bit of play. I can say they certainly do not want to be with men and men only which would make them gay. In fact most of the crossdressing guys I know want nothing to do with other cocks and men in general.

Crossdressing does not mean becoming a woman

So many misconceptions out there about cross dressing has led people to think just because someone decides to enjoy some crossdressing that they must want to be a woman. This is so not true those who deal with gender identity issues typically do dabble in cross dressing early on but simply putting on women’s things is not enough. Being trans gender is so much more complex than that and they don’t identify with the body they see it has nothing to do with wearing a skirt or panties when the mood hits them.

crossdressing men