So you read the title submissive pet got fed and you are instantly thinking about cum, cock, and a bunch of other super kinky wonderful things you can feed a pet. I hate to burst your bubble but it was none of those things at all, however it was fun and exciting and a bit humiliating for him as well.

Submissive pet and our session

First of all this pet is a long time regular and in fact the call I am about to describe was our 5th year anniversary call! Of course being my submissive pet he was ordered to strip the fuck down naked with only his collar on. This is how my submissive pet should be in my presence. I like a naked sub because there is no hiding anything from me if you are naked…right? So we had a few things planned and feeding him was on the agenda as well as spanking and in general being worked the fuck over.

Light up that ass

I love spanking men! I love hearing the sound of those slaps hitting those bare ass cheeks and as per usual my subbie lit up that ass for me until it was hot stinging and red mmmmmmmmm! 100 slaps on each ass cheek, and of course thanking me like a good submissive should when his Mistress gives him a spanking! Once that ass got lit up I had him stroking that cock….you see his calls are multi hours and he is not allowed to cum without permission EVER!! So working him over edging that dick again and again is pure joy for me and HARD for him ( pun intended)

Feeding my submissive

Now lets get to some fun….I typically feed my submissive on the floor off of the appropriate pet dish/bowl but this time it was different. I made my submissive pet eat it off the bare floor. Yes you heard me the bare fucking floor! How submissive he is for doing this for me and not giving me a hard time at all! I had him snap a pic before and after he ate as proof of being fed. I so enjoy this type of humiliation some might say it is degrading but I didn’t find it that way in fact this slave loves the paces I put him through.

subbie got to fuck

No not me silly readers no no no My subbie got to fuck another food item this time it was a large spaghetti squash he got to fuck it and pump that hard dick in and out till he was edging and almost cumming. Of course he didn’t cum because well he had not begged his Mistress to cum nor was it time. rest assured he did get the release he begged for but ONLY when I was ready for him to have it.

food fucking

Can you do this for your Mistress


Well first of all let me say that even though many aspects of our play call is humiliating in some waysit is not hardcore or mean and nasty. I treasure this slave and treat him well just ask him….and if he says other wise i will beat his ass nahhhh just kidding. The reality is he has been a caller of mine for 5 years and a fan of mine for several years now so we know one another well. I think the more you get to know your submissive and them get to know the Mistress the deeper you can go and the more fun you can have. So don’t be shy about wanting to reach out and strike up a wonderful Mistress and submissive relationship with me I am always open to adding to my collective he he he.