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So today my princess sissy cuckold is flying out to vegas…..and because my sissy slut will be on her own today she is spending the day as the femme girl I created instead of the basic boring dickless dude he would normally be. I have always said it is easier to explore and push boundaries when out of town free of fear of seeing someone you know. princess is embracing this!

Girlie day

We all know I stripped princess of any manhood she had left long ago when I locked her clit in chastity and made it shrink to the nub it is now. We also know that since that happened she has turned into a bit of a sissy slut. So today once she lands in vegas on will go the girlie jeans, pink sneakers, pink top. She will be getting a pedicure today pink of course to match her sissy style. She also will be using her best sissy voice the whole day!

Free to be girlie

Of course once her traveling companions show up she wont be as free to be girlie BUT every night she will escape to her room to slip into her sissy things. Her new nightie, stockings, feather trimmed shoes, lip gloss and of course perfume! She will be doing this ever single night as soon as she returns to her room so she can sleep like a sissy and of course prance around like a sissy.

When you travel explore

So moral of the story is when you travel explore your kinks. No matter what they are when you are out of town and free of the fear of being found out explore. Go shopping, get a make over, hell suck a dick if that is what you are in to. Why not use your business trips and those rare occasions you are all alone out of town to have some kinky fun? I say fucking do it every chances you get!