So today I thought I would ask all of you fans of spankings to answer some questions for me. Not any two spanking lovers are alike so it will be interesting to see your answers.

  1. Do you enjoy spankings
  2. How long have you been enjoying spankings
  3. Do you think a spanking is a punishment or reward
  4. Do you get an erection when being spanked
  5. Have you ever been spanked by a lover
  6. Do you like to have other body parts besides your ass spanked
  7. Do you like toys such as crops and paddles used for spankings
  8. Have you ever been bent over a woman’s knees and spanked
  9. Have you ever been spanked in front of an audience (this can be just 1 other person or many)
  10. Would you like to be spanked in front of others
  11. What reason would you have to turn down a spanking
  12. Do you like to be spanked till there are marks on your ass
  13. Are you afraid of being spanked
  14. Have you ever had an orgasm while being spanked
  15. Do you like to watch porn with spanking in it
  16. When was the last time you were spanked or spanked yourself for someone
  17. Have you ever been tied up and spanked
  18. Have you ever paid anyone in person to spank you
  19. Have you ever been laughed at for requesting a spanking
  20. Would you like to be spanked right now

So there you have it, my spanking questions for all of you spanking fans…please feel free to leave your answers in the comments section and if you are shy just go ahead and email them to me

spanking questions