My spanking questions blog went over well. I figured I would do one on Masturbation. I am sure I have done something like this in the past on this blog…but fuck it, let’s do it again.

  1. When was the last time you masturbated
  2. Did you orgasm when you last masturbated
  3. What did you do with your cum
  4. What is the longest you have gone without masturbating
  5. Would you like to go longer than you ever have
  6. Do you enjoy edging but not cumming
  7. Have you ever had a ruined orgasm after masturbating
  8. Do you think you might masturbate too much
  9. Do you prefer to masturbate over having sex
  10. Do you like to masturbate in the shower
  11. Have you ever masturbated outside of your home
  12. The first time you masturbated what went through your mind ( no ages and such please)
  13. Have you ever had someone masturbate you…ya know, like a handjob
  14. Would you ever consider masturbating in a room full of willing women
  15. Do you ever feel guilty after masturbating
  16. Has your masturbation style changed over the years
  17. Do you enjoy trying new masturbation techniques
  18. Does masturbating help improve your mood
  19. Do you masturbate more during any certain time of the year
  20. My last one…would you like to masturbate for me

There you have it, 20 masturbation questions for you to answer. As usual, please feel free to share your masturbation answers with me here in my comments section of this blog. If you are too shy email them to me

Masturbation questions