So it is another downright chilly day here in Florida, and I was like man I need to share some of this random stuff in my brain.

First of all, I was just up in Philly over Thanksgiving, and that was real fucking cold.

I am still a pussy when it comes to the cold, in fact, my toes are like Popsicle’s right now.

How did I ever manage up north when I lived there cause fuck me I didn’t wanna leave the house/car.

I am now the proud owner of gloves, something I haven’t needed in years here in Florida.

Did you all see if fucking snowed in Florida the other day? Now that’s some straight up BS right there! No not by me but still it was Florida.

My nipples have been hard for 2 days.

Molly lives in a cold climate I wonder if her nipples stay hard all winter?

Oh, I wonder if she will show me hard nipple pics?

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas but happy it is cold cause it actually feels like the Christmas season for a change.

Oh but I bet it will be 80 on Christmas day Fucking Florida!

Ya I know I won’t be happy either too hot or too cold…..get over it.

I wonder how many of you guys are suffering from shrinkage in the cold?

Oh, let’s face it some of you are tiny, and it ain’t got nothing to do with the weather hahahaha!

I refuse to turn on my heat…..but I am cold…..fuck it I will just have to wear clothes.

I wonder how many of you just went “aww man, that sucks” to me saying I will just wear clothes hahahaha!


Okay, I think I have said enough for this chilly brrr random thoughts blog…..hope everyone is staying warm! If you want to share any of your random cold weather thoughts, please feel free to comment.