Some people upon hearing a man likes being a cuckold jump to conclusions about that that means exactly. I am going to bust some of those preconceived cuckold myths.

All cuckolds are coerced into it

This is a cuckold myth that is simply not even close to reality. In my experience the men crave to be a cuckold for their wife/gf/Mistress and often beg for them to sleep with other men.

All cuckolds suck cock

Oh NO this is a cuckold myth that is not true at all. I would say when it comes to all the cuckolded men I have know or spoken to only about half are into cock at all. So when you hear a guy is a cuckold don’t also assume he sucks dick.

All cuckolds want to be there

Nope not the case there are many cuckold lovers who prefer to simply hear about the wild sex rather than be there. There are also some who want to be there but not seen. So a cuckold hiding in a closet or bathroom type thing.

All cuckolds love to eat cum

Nope hate to tell you all this but not all cuckolds want to eat that cum. Some enjoy it sure but many many others do not. There is a huge group of men who love to see their wife get fucked by another but want nothing to do with licking up that cream pie.

All cuckolds have little dicks

Nope not true. Sure some have a small penis and they have found ways to enjoy it like having their lady cuckold them. Oh but there are some very well endowed cuckold men who simply love seeing their woman pleased by another man. They also enjoy having another man enjoy what is theirs.

Cuckold Myths busted

so there you go I have busted some of those cuckold myths that everyone seem to have. I have shared what many might think they know and told you the real deal. Like all kinks there are many different aspects of them and many different ways to enjoy them. I feel it is better to ask someone about their kink rather than believe the myths about them.

cuckold myths busted by constance