It is a well known fact here on our kinky sites that I am a chastity Mistress! I simply adore having a chastity pet under my control and they love having me in control! Well, I have 2 special chastity pets to tell you about today, so enjoy.

New chastity pet

Oh yes, I have a brand new chastity pet. He has been my pet for years now, but chastity is new for us. Yesterday the cage arrived and he was locked up tight in chastity and I couldn’t be more thrilled! It will be interesting to see the changes that happen to him while cock locked.

Orgasm denial is not new to him

Yes, this pet has had me in control of his orgasms and or, well, the denial of them for some time. So the orgasm denial part of chastity probably won’t be as hard for him as most.  Chastity, though, will take his denial to a new level and the fact he can’t get stiff makes it hotter for me! So welcome to the Constance Chastity Club my sweet pet. Can’t wait to see where this goes!!

Orgasm after chastity

Now for my other chastity pet…he finally got unlocked and had an orgasm! After 102 days of lock up he got to finally touch himself and man was he happy! It was funny watching him try to hold back from an orgasm after just a few short minutes!

Chastity freedom

Now this chastity pet has freedom for a few days. Not too many days mind you, but just enough to give him a sense of what it is like not to be cock locked! It will be interesting to see how long it takes before he begs to be locked in chastity for me again! I am sure knowing him that he will crave chastity before it is even time to lock back up!

So Proud of both chastity pets

I am so proud to be the Chastity Mistress to both of these pets and I look forward to lots of chastity fun with them both in the future!!! Way to go, my sweet chastity pets, way to go!!!

I love chastity pets