I have discussed edging to orgasm so many times on my blog I think I have lost track. I am sure most everyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy it. For those of you who are wondering what the fuss is about when it comes to edging, this blog is for you!

Edging to orgasm is a skill

You have to really practice at orgasm edging. This is not something most people can just do the first time. In fact most of us want instant satisfaction when masturbating. After all that is why we masturbate we want to cum! Once you have learned how to edge that cock youw ill never look back. Practice edging boys and I will push you to the limit and see if you can hold back.

Experience an intense orgasm

Now once you have mastered the art of edging to orgasm you will find your orgasms are far better than before! How do I know this you might ask well years of experience for one. Testimony from tons of men I have introduced to orgasm edging…..whom I have never heard from a man that sucked I edged for that?

Edging to orgasm challenge

Now I am going to throw a challenge out there to all of you horny stroker boys and guided masturbation fans. For the next week I want you to edge that dick. Stop yourself before cumming and then stuff that cock away. Practice your edging skills and master it because I will be putting you to the test. Of course you will need to call me to be tested but I assure you your orgasm will be 100 times more powerful once you learned the art of orgasm edging……. can you handle it? Or will you just give in and go right for a less than stellar orgasm?

edging to orgasm