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Men who eat cum

Everyone knows I am a lover of all things cum related, and when it comes to a man eating his own cum or even being fed his cum I find it extremely hot and exciting!

Have you ever eaten or tasted your own cum?

Has there ever been a time you got to taste your own cum either by yourself or with a partner? If you have how did it come about, were you cum curious while stroking your dick and just decided to taste a little when you came? Were you with a partner and shot all over them and then licked it off? Have you cleaned it all up or did you just get a little taste…..if you answered yes to any of these please leave a comment with details I want to hear all about it!

Ways to eat your own cum

Has anyone ever made you eat your own cum? I get many cum eating phone sex callers who ask for guidance on eating their own cum and there are many ways to achieve this such as….

Legs over the head Cumming in your face
Spooning it off and eating it
Cum cubes~ Cumming into an ice cube tray and freezing it to be added to a drink later
Condom cum eating- Cumming into a condom to have it dripped in your mouth after
Cumming on a mirror and licking it off so you can see yourself as you eat that cum

There is a poll about Cream Pie eating

Over on our adult social network one of the user’s laff101 recently created a poll Called
Real Man Cream Pie He gave some interesting options for cum eating including one I mentioned before like spooning it off and even using a butter knife but the one I chose as the most fun would be a baster so I can control the flow of cum from drips to a full on shot in the mouth. But alas it looks like using a spoon is most popular with 61% of the votes……but it is not to late for you to get your vote in so be sure to check it out and don’t worry if you’re not a member the Empire is totally free to join.

Try it you might like it

I do not want anyone reading this blog to go ewwwwww gross because unless you have tried it you will never know if you will like it or not. If you don’t want to do it alone or need that little push I am always to help you with a hot sexy cum eating session!

Happy Cum Eating Everyone!!! 

53 comments to Men who eat cum

  • Gummy Bear POEC

    I have eaten my own cum before. I will admit that the fantasy loses some of it’s heat once the orgasm is over and push comes to shove, but yes, I have eaten it and it wasn’t horrible. I’ve tasted it from my own hand from masturbating alone. I also tasted it when the lady I was seeing surprised me and slipped the cum into my mouth while we were kissing. She had just finished a great blow job and I guess I thought she swallowed, I certainly didn’t think about not kissing her. I must admit, when the cum entered my mouth from hers, it was very, very HOT!!! I don’t eat my own cum often, and I guess I’ll never eat it again because that presupposes that I’ll ever cum again, and we both know that’s off the table. Great blog post, very entertaining, eye opening and quite “tasteful”.

    • Gummy I mentioned this to you during our session today although it is hot to have a guy taste his own cum for me you will never get the chance to do so since your simply not allowed to cum at all. But boy ohh boy her kissing you with cum in her mouth FUCK thats hot!!!!

  • Ed

    As I’ve gotten older and more sexually liberal,this has becum among my favorite topics,if not my favorite.
    The manner in which I prefer to eat my own cum is by jacking off into my mouth while having my legs over my head.The majority of the time,I’ve been alone while doing this.The only person that has ever watched me do it was that who I lost my virginity to,a relatioship I have written about before.I assume she enjoyed watching me do it,although she didn’t convey it to me verbally,opting to just appear transfixed.As one may assume,since I take the trouble to assume that position to begin with,I’d like to suck my own cock,but,realizing I’m not able,I opt for what has been proven feasible to me.Of course,a little more effort has to be made to get my cum into my mouth i.e. my cock has to be lined up with my mouth so as to guarantee a “direct hit”,than,obviously,would be required if I could self fellate,but I’m not cumplaining.Some of the cum,too,lands on my face,but that just gives me the option of retrieving it with,let’s say,my fingers,and licking it off.
    I also have cum on a woman and licked it up.This has happened twice.The first time,it was done off her stomach.The second,it was done off her chest.I enjoyed the latter more,as I came more that time which,of course,meant more to lick up.
    Another fantasy I have,but have yet to explore,is my cumming in my mouth and swapping it(snowballing) with that who I’m with.
    I’m extremely open minded,perceive very few things as being offensive and would rarely object to a proposal that I partake in something,so long as it’s not illegal or harm’s the innocent,but I understand the world’s not a utopia as I would perceive it to be and,therefore, there are those whose views aren’t as liberal as mine i.e. Someone whose views tend to be more cuntservative may read what I have written and conculde that I’m gay.
    What I am and what I’m not is nobody’s business but mine and that who I’m with.Secondly,that which has been written about is not an indication that one is gay,but rather an indication that one’s creativity and idealism extends into his or her sexual life.It is a harmless deviatiion from the norm that one’s developed an affinity for,and anyone who perceives it as anything otherwise is incorrect,uninformed and,quite possibly,ignorant as a muh……………

    • wow great reply ed thank you so much for being so open and honest and well “real” abut this………I think that cum eating in any form is hot I have often said after a man has licked me I love to taste myself because well it is hot and great!! You seem more experienced at this than most and I suppose it is because of your love of it. I dont think that it makes one gay or anything like that in fact it is just a fun HOT way to do something different than just the normal…thanks again I really enjoyed reading this!

  • coffeeboy

    i served a Phone Mistress, nearly 10 years go, Who made cum eating a condition for my “occasional” release. Her favorite scenario was one of my being Her younger sister or gf & riding Her lap (yes…She was TG) hands free. on my end, She’d pick the toy was was to be riding. She knew them all intimately, since W/we had shopped for them together on-line…& a few She had sent me as presents.

    more often than not, if i was allowed to cum, i had to gather it with my fingers & lick my fingers with Her on the phone. occasionally, She’d have me catch it on the toe or heel of a bright red pump & slurp it off there.

    then, after W/we had hung up, i was to e-mail Her with detailed descriptions of my cum…color…flavor…consistency…saltiness & orgasm intensity. this last, She had me rank on what She called her modified Jizzita scale!

    • Thank you for sharing it sounds to me like a very hot experience…but do you still do such things? I fucking love the jizzita scale hahahahaha very cool and the follow up mail i am sure made you relive the events of eating your cum for her. I often make those who say they will do ANYTHING to get release do just that eat up their own cum and if they dont do it….they will never get release again. Thanks for the great comment and jizzita scale will be with me for a long time!!

  • Sweet Boy

    Ms.Constance you know all bout this with me;) I really don’t care for it and have no interest in tasting it while I’m alone. Because of this, and the fact that I enjoying pleasing you so much, well it’s quite the tug of war when you and I talk. And you always win, of course.

    • I know about that tug of war but ya know whats the best? When I WIN and you taste it no matter how much you didnt want to you did it for me and man do I evern enjoy that…..ohh and there will be more cum eating in your future trust me sweet boy!! hehehehe

  • PlungerBoy

    Reading all the posts about cum eating the past year made me “very curious”. At first I tried licking the precum off my fingers. It was not so bad. So my curiousity (or obession) grew. During guided masturbation sessions I found myself fantasizning about it…tellin ghr mistress. But when I came the desire quickly went away. But the fantasy was still there. Then few months ago I finally took the plunge. One of the mistresses had me put my legs over my head and spray into my mouth. I caught every drop….I felt the urge to eat it start to go away…so I swallowed as fast as I could. Then I started gagging…I thought for sure I was going to throw up. Suffice it to say I have not done it again because for me, the fantasy was far superior to the reality. But I will admit that because of the curiosity for tatsing my own cum…I have now learned that the humiliating act of giving myself a “self facial” (ie legs over the head) is a total turn on for me. I love the fact that the mistress watches as I do it for her on cam…knowing how silly I must look with my legs over my head and my cock aimed straight down at my face….and being forced to beg for cum as she guides me and allows me to to a release a stream of orgasmic bliss down upon my face.

    • Well I loved reading this…one we all know cum eating is not for everyone but you at least have to try it to figure that out………..two we all also know sometimes the fantasy is hotter than the reality of it and well again you have to try it to find out…but the very best part of all this is how from trying one thing that you didn’t care for it sparked a kink in you that you never knew you had….you may not eat your own cum but the humiliation f it spraying on your face and y our mistress encouraging you to do so is very hot!! Thanks so much for sharing this was GREAT!!!

  • Vince

    Oh Miss Constance…u know all about this..dont u..the first time I tasted and ate cum was under your instructions…u made me jack off into my palms and made me lick my own cum and my fingers…and since then u have told me never to waste own or anybody else that I am with..not wasted a single drop of cum since a facila last time..want to talk about this to u…it is just awesome being your bitch and eating cum for you 🙂

    • Bitch your such a good little cum fag……i remember watching you and instructing you to lick it up and your right I always instruct my fag sluts not to waste a drop you work so hard to make that cum you should never just wast it by wiping it off and in your case spitting it out! You will continue to be a good fag bitch for me and never waste a drop! I am looking forward to our next session and you eating every drop of your creamy cum!

      • Vince

        Oh yes Miss first it was not easy but under your instructions it all went I cant think of cumming without thinking of licking it up in the end..your voice maqkes the whole act so sexy…your instructions need to be followed…looking forward to our next call sooon 🙂

  • DCmike

    Interesting post including the responses and your answers. This community at LDW does indeed provide an outlet for many different and interesting kinks. I guess my take on it is that it is an act of submission to one’s Mistress. Myself, the idea would hold no appeal outside of doing it for my Mistress. Of course, post Climax it is more and act or obedience and Devotion than of desire.

    • Your right mike many do it to show their submission to their mistress and out of devotion and they would never do it otherwise….and right again many many loose their kink factor to doing it once they have had an orgasm….I have ways of working around that LOL maybe they dont eat it this time but they sure will next time hehehhe

  • DCmike

    …an act of… (world’s worst typist lol)

  • kurtmaster

    Ms Constance I know you wanted to hear from guys who eat cum. Although I have never done it before, one can’t help but wonder about it since so many love it. Myself I don’t think I will ever do that but for the guys who do, enjoy it!!

    • That’s okay kurt you didn’t have to have tasted or eaten it to comment….anytime I see your name I smile 🙂 and your right it does get one to thinking if so many like it what is all the fuss about? In fact I have had first time cum eaters come to me because they wanted to know what all the fuss was about…some loved it some not so much.

  • bradleyboy

    I remember doing legs over face for the first time on webcam with you Empress – that was awesome – humiliating, exciting, and helped get my submissive cravings out. After travel for work settles down, will look to do it again and osme of the fun cross dresisng you were going to introduce me to.

  • Gummy Bear POEC

    Ya know, our very first session ended with my legs about my head and me trying to cum in my mouth. I missed most of it, but I got a great facial. That was almost 2 years ago!!! It was the first and only time I have ever done that. Thank you for the memories. 🙂

  • wellspanked

    wow, I’m late to this post, how did I miss it? My first experience was when I was a teenager and young and flexible. I could get the head of my cock into my mouth. Well it’s true, if a boy could they would. So I blew myself on more than one occassion. As I got older (and girlfreinds) it became a lot more fun to have someone else do it.

    In college (my now wife) went down on me, I came in her mouth, and she decided we should share. It was one of the hottest experiences I’ve ever had. It is hands down the best way to eat cum.

    When left on my own I really don’t anymore. The only way I can really bring myslef to do it alone is with my legs over my head. I do find it a very big turn on to eat it at the command of a mistress. Licking it off of something, eatiing it out of my palm, however she chooses is fine with me.

    • well welcome to the discussion I dont know how you missed it either but you should be spanked….I know how much you enjoy it!!! Thanks for sharing and I always knew if a guy could suck his own he would but it makes perfect sense that it is much more fun for another to do it for you. As far as your girlfriend now wife sharing with you I agree it is scorching HOT and the best way to taste your cum!!! Your such a good boy “however she chooses is fine with me.” as it should be 🙂

  • Southfloridaguy

    My first time was during a training contest by an online mistress. After an extended period of denial (only being allowed to bring myself to the edge of cumming) she moved on to making me insert a butt plug and practice sucking on a dildo. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but I was also incredibly turned on. When she said I would be rewarded and allowed to cum, I already knew from her previous lessons that there would be a catch. Sure enough it was to lick up all the cum from the orgasm. After such a long time and with so much edging, that was quite a bit. I was grossed out at first, but as I started thinking about how much it was turning her on, I got excited again. Soon I was stroking myself a bit more and before I knew it, all of it was gone. I even squeezed the last drops out of my cock and onto the head of the dildo where I licked it off.

  • Nathan

    Hello there. I remember the first time I was made to eat my own cum. I did not like the taste I thought it was horrible and wanted to throw up. But I was made to do it again, and again untilI learned to enjoy it. I once, came in a guys mouth from getting a blow job and my Mistress made him snowball me with my own load of cum. I have been made to cum over my food and then eat dinner. I personally like to eat my cum from tossing my legs over my head and then stroking and sucking my own cock until it explodes down my throat. It took me a while to train and teach myself to suck my own cock off, but it is so hot and fun. I was always trained to never miss any of it, and to lick every drop up. I have swallowed cum from the used condom. Had the condom turned inside out on a dildo and forced to swallow it all. I am addicted to it know, and oh so love the taste, feel and the smell. Licking it as it drips down your face after a facial is so much fun. I even had to release on a guy and lick it off of him afterwards. I am looking forward to my first bukkake, I want multiple loads at one time. Cum has transformed me into something I never knew existed, but I so love the new me, and hope to continue changing and evolving more and find the true slut inside myself.

    • Nathan thank you for sharing your cum eating tales with me! Very hot how you went from not liking it to be trained not only to like it but crave it and not just one load of cum but many!!! Let us know if that happens!!! Happy Cum eating!

  • lil oscar

    I blame the sister n law who perverted my wife now ex wife,she started to become very assertive early in our 12 yr marriage at first in the bedroom,before this i was the dominant one,BJ a couple of times a day,she hated swallowing kinda forced her,well advance a couple of yrs and she had me begging for sex ,then even paying her for sex,then moved out a couple of times but always came back,with new rules ofcourse said she had made some new friends,well on her first return she took me to the rec room and tied me to the rafters,blindfolded and headphones on and bitch slapped my cock and balls till i came then let me loose and pushed me to the floor and shoved my face in my cum pulled of the phones and told me to start cleaning up my cum mess ,as i was licking it up she pulled off my blindfold and there sat my sister nlaw her husband and two other women,of embarrassing,humiliating and degrading,they started laughing and taunting me,well that was the first time and now even as my ex, still is able to dominate me and loves making me to eat my own,especially off her strap-on, i still gag,beg not to,make faces,she says she just gets off on the power to make me do it,says all men need to start licking up there messes,says i’ll be sucking a real cock soon,hope thats just a taunt and a tease,freakin concerned i am,another story on her second return home,life is a little easier when she has a boyfriend ,it’s the time inbetween boyfriends that she comes after me

  • idrinkmyself

    I’ve been eating my own cum since I was young and when I first shot my load on my bedroom wall and then tasted it. It’s definitely not a gay thing to have desire to eat one’s own semen, but what happens over time is that the desire to eat is so strong that we become attracted to eating another’s cum beside our own. So that’s what I’ve found since I first tasted my own at young age, that my desire to taste another man’s finally came to fruition in my 40’s and now I have the closest and most trusted buddy in the world, his name is Rich!

    I encourage all guys to taste their own until they finally get the urge to taste another guy’s, and be damn picky about who you choose when you do finally take that plunge!

    • wow thank you for sharing all this……..I am not sure all men who want to eat their own cum really want anything to do with another mans cum some do it just for the power exhange that happens for the humiliation of it and for the sheer naughty factor 🙂

  • smoldr

    I sucked my own cock when I was younger and always ate the cum so I developed a taste for it. Later on when I got married my wife would enjoy me cleaning up after sex. I was always required to lick the cum up from where ever it was left.
    After she passed away I got into having men jack off in my face.
    Then I met a girl who made me a cum eating cuckold. I would have to lick her after she had sex with whomever she wanted. So……I really enjoy the taste of cum ow.

    • Well thank you for sharing this!!! I really enjoy cum eating men of all types especially cum eating cuckold men! Sounds to me like you are one very lucky man!!! And holy shit you said you could suck your own cock when you were younger…..did you ever leave the house???

  • smallballs

    When I was younger I often sucked my own cock as good as it was possible head over heels but when It came to cumming I always stopped. Then one day I visitied a professional lady for some sexual humiliation. She really did the job and she also involved another woman so that they could laugh at me and humiliate me together. In the end she tied me to some contraption that was able to be turned upside down. The two women jerked me while laughing. I told them to stop but they didnt and eventually I cummed right into my own face. Because I was upside down I lifted my head just to take the sperm right in my own mouth and I swallowed by surprise. From that day on I find it natural for a sissy like me to swallow my own cum but Im still a little reluctant when I actually has to do it. Maybe I need some coaching?

  • Johnny

    I like to cum in a small glass dish that i keep in the freezer. I cum several time to make it as full as possible and just keep adding more over days until i can’t wait any longer. Then, I take the dish out and let is melt slightly so that it loosens from the dish. Then, I let it slide into my mouth while I’m masturbating. It tastes better cold and slushy. Then, I hold it and taste it until i cum again. This starts the whole process over again. There is one other way. I let it melt completely and load it into a huge squirting realistic dong with balls that my girlfriend straps on. Then she makes me suck it until she wants to blow the load into the back off my mouth. Then we kiss and swap it. Believe it or not, this is all 100% true.

  • Gene

    I just found your website. I have never visited a sight like this but I share a fantasy about eating my wife after cumming in her. My problem is that she is very conservative; although she has sucked on me as long as I promised not to cum. I don’t know how to approach the subject with her. For years I performed oral sex on her, she would orgasm, but over the last few years she has discouraged me. Since, she has lost interest in oral sex how can I take it to the next level by eating her after cumming in her. I am also afraid that any such suggestion from me would lead her to disrespect me or think that I turned gay. Are there any suggestions out there? Have any of you had this same problem and have you overcome it? Who knows maybe I will not like it after giving it a try. the only thing that I know now is that sometimes I get a strong urge/fantasy to try it. If any of you have taken the initiative to start this with their women – how did you approach the subject and what was the reaction. Also, are there any video sites of men eating his lady after pulling out wet?

  • Timithius

    Ive tasted my cum before and im very excited by the experience…the sweet salty smooth texture…but I came in my mouth many times before I finally swallowed! Id just spit it out afterwards….then I bought a erotic mp3 that takes you thru a whole femdom build-up by tasting the precum while shes convincing you to love and need to taste your cum…then she counts down and makes you shoot it in your mouth and swallow it immediately! I did this the first time and swallowed my whole load and damn! I was sooooo horny the rest of the nite…I went out to a social group with friends but all I could think about was swallowing my own cum!! It was so erotic and a bit scarey at thr same time!! I love the taste now…..its yummy …turns me on when thinkin about it!!

  • Jb

    It started one day when one of my girlfriends told me to come over immediately…i went there and she said we need to talk…she told me that she just cheated on me and the guy just left ten minutes ago…she said she didnt want to lie to me and she hopes we can work it out…i said ok and she leaned in and started kissing me…i said wait where did he cum?she told me she swallowed it and kept kissing me…it was a huge turn on and i started saying on my own im glad u swallowed someone elses load…..she told me the load was so big she had to swallow twice…then she made me eat her pussy while she kept saying whos ur boss?i kept saying ur the boss Stacy ur the boss!!!at the end of it all when she was about to swallow my load she said ur gonna kiss me while ur load is in my mouth and then ur eating it for me….i had to listen….she had such a power over my cock i ate my cum for her that day….

  • W

    Well, I searched for this post on your blog, so I guess we know what’s on my mind, lol. I noticed above in the remarks that you mentioned there would be more in my future and true to that, there is indeed, lol. Your promise that I would beg to eat my cum before I would be allowed to orgasm again, goes through my mind every time I get hard now. Recently, when I have sex, I fantasize about going down on her afterwards.

  • D

    Ooh Constance, you truly are a great CUM-EATING ENCOURAGING PRO… Hall of Fame candidate you are (like many of your peers, the other ladies here).
    I am surprised you don’t have more recent EAT YOUR OWN CUM POSTS.
    I commented on another of yours, cum breath post but had to leave another here since I will be definitely EATING MY OWN CUM FOR YOU.

    Your question… Has anyone ever made you eat your own cum?
    The short answer is a resounding YES!
    Violet turned me into a cum-eater!

    In fact go over to Olivia and Violet’s blog “Coached to Eat Cum”, the recent post… Cum Eating Fantasy… I left a long comment that tells the story of how I became a CUM-EATER.And YOU DID ASK FOR DETAILS IN THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!
    Since I have no doubt I will be eating my entire load of cum for you I really want you to KNOW MY history and what makes me tick before our first call
    That way you can see to it I EAT MY OWN CUM… MY OWN CUM FOR YOU AS BEST AS POSSIBLE! I want you to totally have your way with me.
    I’m sure you would agree to that!?

    First call is always the classic CUM FACIAL MOUTH WIDE OPEN.

    I promise to wait several days,as I usually do before calling, so I HAVE MAXIMUM CUM TO SHOOT AND EAT!
    It is really thick that way and shoots in looooong continuous streams which I’m sure YOU WOULD PREFER!, Am I right?
    All the others made sure I Still ate up every drop of my own cum that missed my mouth!
    I happily consider that an initiation with you, our first Rite of Passage!

    I am happy cum eater and want to be yours too!

  • D

    Yummy,yummy, exciting call with you!
    I shot a serious load of cum, several thick streams sprayed directly into my open mouth just like you wanted! Thank you!
    You promised me a really messy cum eating session and you did not disappoint!
    You had my cum ( and not just pre-cum) pouring from my cock before I even began spurting the real big load!

    How will you have me eat my cum on our second call?
    I can’t wait!

    • Well you were a lot of fun I enjoyed having you shoot that cum in your face and then eat it all up and I think the next call we will be topping som food with your cum so you can eat up that goo hehehehehehe

  • D

    Sounds really good, and thank you Constance!
    Did you hear?!
    They are bringing back that certain yellow cream filled sponge cake!
    It would be my pleasure, and I am sure YOURS TOO, to bite off the end, jack off, shove my cock inside, fill it with MY OWN CUM CREAM!, and….
    Finish the thought for me!……

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