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The answer to the question… Mistress Do you masturbate?

I am asked this question many many times during my phone sex calls and in honor of May being Masturbation Month I thought I would answer that for everyone…. and the short answer is YES I masturbate daily and sometimes more than once a day. . . . → Read More: The answer to the question… Mistress Do you masturbate?

Cock Sucking Men

I have had a rash of callers who just so happen to be cock sucking men. They come to me hard and horny and blurt out their secret needs to feel a cock in their mouth. Some come out and say it just like that and some beat around the bush incorporating it into their fantasy role play. . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Men

10 Weeks of Chastity!

It seems that chastity and devotion go hand in hand in this situation; there is nothing that makes a man more devoted to his Mistress more than her being the key holder to his chastity. I have to commend him for his great attitude and willingness to give up all control and letting me be the one running this show….as it should be. . . . → Read More: 10 Weeks of Chastity!

Cross Dressing Weekend

Last night was the start of a VERY exciting cross dressing weekend for my girl Mandy! I was excited leading up to it and now that it is finally here and we had some special play time last night I am even more excited for what will happen tonight and tomorrow night! . . . → Read More: Cross Dressing Weekend

My History with phone sex

I was in a relationship where he traveled for work, and during those times when he or I were a bit horny we found ourselves getting dirty on the phone. The very first time I remember thinking will this dirty talk get the job done? Well to my surprise the more excited he got the more excited I got and although it was vanilla phone sex it was erotic and exciting and it got the job done and then some! . . . → Read More: My History with phone sex