Last night was the start of a VERY exciting cross dressing weekend for my girl Mandy! I was excited leading up to it and now that it is finally here and we had some special play time last night I am even more excited for what will happen tonight and tomorrow night!

Cross Dressing and Packing

Mandy spent the full week leading up to her weekend away getting all of her very lovely sexy lacy frilly things together, packing and folding everything so nicely the one thing I love about this sweet sexy cross dresser is her attention to detail. Her details are not just in choosing the sexy cross dressing lingerie she packs but how she packs it and even more important how she unpacks it once she has arrived, you see she displays everything and takes pictures of her pretty fem lingerie and I just LOVE the visual!!

Choosing her Sexy Lingerie

I get to look at all the pictures and choose what sexy lingerie I want her to wear for me and last night she wore her very sexy new bra and panty set with a tan colored lace embroidery on them, sexy garter belt, thigh highs and her chocolate colored yummy full of lace slip and you all know how much I love lace slips right? I do think it is one article of clothing every cross dressing man or sissy girl should have because nothing says I am feminine like a soft sweet sexy lace trimmed slip!

All dressed and nowhere to go

Last night we didn’t get to explore like we always do because of the hotel Mandy was staying at but I did have her slip on her brown patent leather 3 inch heels and strut her sweet ass down to the ice machine! I just love a man in heels and ohh my the sound of her heels on that tile floor just got me giddy, so giddy I made her do a little twirl and dance in there so I could hear more!!   After Mandy returned to her room I couldn’t wait to have her try out her new vibrating egg set which, get this, has 4 yes 4 vibrating attachments and 2 of them were nipple clamps that vibrate!!! Oh you should have heard the moans that came from her sexy lips. Needless to say Mandy and I enjoyed some hot and heavy play time leading to her eating all that cum, yes every drop from a glass MMMMMMMMMMM!

What’s next for my Cross Dresser?

Well tonight we’re going to go out for a bit dressing her up in yet another sexy lingerie set and having her enjoy being out and about and that’s not all because tomorrow night she is changing hotels so she can go for a nice long walk in public dressed feminine! Of course we will be using more of her sexy toys and driving her wild!! Stay tuned. I will be sure to update my blog on what happens over the rest of this fun cross dressing weekend!!!!