Okay so the title just about says it all right? I had a fun call with one of my pets last weekend and not only did I have him jerking and tugging. Not only did I have him spank that ass and bark for me…..I had him fuck a watermelon!

Food fucking is fun

I have had this pet fuck various things for me from cake to pumpkins but this time we mixed it up and used a watermelon! His drill was out of commission so he had to put the hole in it by hand! Why is food fucking fun well for me it is the image of a cock going in and out of a watermelon along with the moans and groans from the pet fucking it!

No cumming in the melon

Of course my pet got to fuck that watermelon balls deep over and over but one thing he knew better than to do was cum inside of that watermelon! Cock control is a huge thing with us I control that cock I decide when and IF he cums and if he fucks up oh boy would there be hell to pay! In fact when it comes to food fucking I am right now putting a new rule in place just for him….and perhaps you other food fuckers too………..If you cum while fucking food you will EAT YOUR CUM from it!

Interested in trying food fucking

Have you wanted to spice up your masturbation routine and explore new and fun things? Are you interested in testing out some food fucking? Well if you answered yes to those two questions hit me up lets have some fun I have some great food items I would love to hear you and hey even see you fuck for me! Oh and if you love to hear my laugh this is one sure fire way of hearing it hahahahaha !

watermelon fucker