So you all know how much I enjoy my fellow Mistresses and having some fun on the phone with them. I have not written about two Mistress phone sex in some time and in the last 7 days I have spent some time on the phone with other ladies that made me say hmmmmmmmm I want more!

why two Mistresses

Two is always better than one first of all. Second there is something fun that happens when two of us are on a call focusing on you and your kinks and really it is just a blast. I feed off my fellow Mistresses and often walk away from a 2 Mistress session thinking man she had a great idea or man she is fun. So I want more fun I want more laughs and how do I get them…..with fun two Mistress Calls

reconnecting with my fellow Mistresses

Recently Ms Cooper and I did a two Mistress call and it was our first in some time………..I miss her and the fun we have always had on calls I miss her voice her laugh and her giving me a hard time….in the best way possible. She is funny and has such an amazing spirit about her. I also got to do a call with Ms Erika and a sissy and I was like she is just so much fucking fun…I want more!

How to set up a 2 Mistress call

Well first thing you should do is e-mail your Mistress If you are exclusive and ask her who she would like to have join you. If you are not exclusive just send an email to the ladies you are interested in. Set up a time and day and it is the easiest way to be sure you are all on the same page. I dont know of one single Mistress who does NOT like a 2 Mistress call so your chances are awesome to get two ladies on the phone focused on your kink/likes. For some of you this is the closest you will ever get to a threesome he he he


two mistress