Some of you have asked me why I have not posted on my blog in sometime when in fact I post several times a month. So I thought I should explain why you may be seeing old posts. In fact, I will keep this pinned at the top of the blog for everyone to see.

Some time ago I made a change to all of my profiles on our various sites. When you click on read my blog from places like Cock Control or Sissy School it will lead you directly to that specific category on my blog. Sometimes I will have just written a blog on that topic and sometimes I have not written a blog on that topic for a while. What this means is that it will appear I have not written a blog for some time….but I assure you I have.

If you land on this blog page and do not see anything in the last couple of weeks, simply click on the little tab top left right underneath my header picture named HOME. This will take you to the latest blogs I have written.

So you see, no need to worry or think I have not been blogging. Just click on the home tab and you will see all I have done from the latest post on instead of just the category from the profile that it will lead you to. In fact, to make sure you all even see this post, I have marked it with many different categories so when you do click it you will see this.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, 🙂 Now let’s carry on and have some fun!

Kinky Fun