Welcome to the next stop in the Haunted Hotel Halloween blog train! You just came from Ms. Kellie’s here.

You have made your way to the room and when you slip your key into the door and open it, you are hit in the face with the scent of leather. You step inside and try to turn on the light, only to realize it is not working. Suddenly you hear a sexy, mysterious voice…”Welcome to the Spooky Spanking Room, your next destination in the Haunted Hotel.”

You stand there frozen in fear, dazed and confused, eyes trying to adjust to the darkness when suddenly you hear the sound of snipping. You feel tugging on your clothing and before you realize it your clothes have been cut away. Your standing in the dark frozen in fear totally naked and exposed. You hear that voice again say, “Oh, you will be a fun one, hahahahaha!”

Suddenly you feel something pressed against the front of your naked body…a leather covered bench…..you feel your body being pushed over the bench and you are so paralyzed and aroused…you do nothing to stop it. You find the soft leather of the bench against your bare cock to be stimulating…then suddenly panic as you feel the restraints trap your wrists and ankles. You hear a chuckle…..”Relax, this is so you don’t squirm when I spank that ass!”

Flashing lights in the room start going off. You squint to see and notice…floggers…paddles….flat hair brushes…wooden spoons all displayed in front of you. Suddenly a SLAP to that ass…a stinging, burning sensation instantly starts washing over your ass….and then another SLAP and another……….you hear a voice say, “This is a paddle, pet………I like how it covers that ass when I spank you, hahahahahaha!”

You can hear faint ghostly whispers….use the flogger….use the wooden spoon….make his ass red….spank him…spank him….spank him shivers run down your spine as you feel the sensation of something stiff dragging across your ass and then WHACK WHACK WHACK the sensation of burning in your ass increases as you hear a chuckle……that is the wooden spoon my pet and oddly your cock twitches and throbs as I say, “Ohhhhh, that ass must sting, but I am not done yet…hahahahahaha!”

Without warning, you feel something stiff and wide swat across your ass causing you to yelp out in pain. Swat, swat, swat again and again till you feel tears stream down your face…you hear chuckling as I say, “Your eyes are not the only things dripping, pet” and it is in that moment, to your total horror, you realize during that last round of spanking your cock began to drip with excitement.

Your spanking continues for some time with various items you had gotten a glimpse of…….the sensation of the stinging on your bare ass, the smell of leather and the excitement…..the sound of each new item ringing in the air as it meets your bare ass cheeks…the sexy voice chuckling as you wiggle against your restraints. Just when you think you can take no more….

Suddenly the lights flicker and come on  and you quickly adjust your eyes darting around to see who has been spanking you…….only nobody is in the room with you………. to your surprise are not bent over a bench but instead an ottoman in  your hotel room….your ankles and wrists are not bound……but your ass your ass is still stinging…..you quickly stand up naked cock throbbing and dripping and rush to the mirror to turn around……..you see your ass….bright red with fresh spank marks….but who….but how?

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