You find yourself on a long dark stretch of road no signs no lights nothing going on for miles and miles. You are getting tired and need to take a break and are tired of the long stretch of empty highway you are on. You see up in the distance a light….a rest stop and you sigh and think finally a sign of life!

You pull into this rest stop to find it is deserted not a soul around and you think twice before getting out of your car but your need to stretch your legs and get out of the car is stronger than your creepy feeling about the empty rest stop.

You get out of your car and feel a gust of cold wind blow past you and you shiver but also you realize you have an erection like you have never had before as if that gust of cold air made you stiff! With nobody around to complain you reach down and adjust your erection, only when you try to move your hand away you cant! To your horror you realize you have no control over your hand and it begins to stroke your cock right through your pants as you stand there in the middle of this deserted rest stop jerking your dick off.

You try to walk towards the small building housing the old long forgotten vending machines only to realize you have zero control over your body and the only thing moving is your hand up and down on your cock. For a brief moment you are in horror what if someone pulls in…what if you are busted… will surely go to jail being in public like this masturbating…….that horror is replaced by the overwhelming pleasure you are getting from this uncontrollable stroking that is happening.  It is as if someone has taken control of your body paralyzing you and controlling your hand like a puppet up and down  our cock harder than it has ever been in your life.

Suddenly you feel a gust of cold air again and your legs begin to move towards the center of the rest area hand still jerking and tugging by now beads of sweat are rolling down your head, your heart is pumping fast your brain is working over time horrified by what is happening and you try to yell out only to realize you cant speak. You are now standing in the middle of this rest area sweating panting hand jerking and tugging on your rock hard cock and then it STOPS! You feel a moment of relief soon replaced by more horror as your pants are suddenly ripped off of you and you are standing there cock fully exposed. you try to look to see if someone is there but you cant move your head and suddenly your hand returns to that cock.

The cool night air is blowing around you swirling around you as you are swept up by the all consuming desire and urge to cum. You feel your hand moving faster and faster you feel your balls tighten you know that the orgasm is strokes away and it is beginning to wash over you and you feel more pleasure than you ever have. The first wave of orgasm hits and suddenly your hand comes off that cock…….you cant stop the orgasm but you also cant enjoy it suddenly you feel the cum begin to dribble out of your dick. Deep inside you the frustration of not being able to complete your orgasm turns to pain and your cock twitches uncontrollably and your whole body tenses up. 

The next thing you know you wake up in the drivers side of your car in a rest area that is crowded with people. You realize this was just a dream and begin to get out of your car to stretch your legs. As you open the door of your car you feel that cool air hit your bare skin and suddenly realize wait I am not wearing pants! You also feel an ache in your balls like never before you look around only to see your pants ripped laying in the middle of the parking lot. 

You close the car door and head back to the highway hoping nobody saw you and  trying to make sense of all that has happened and as you leave the rest stop you see a sign saying……..thank you for cumming  to the Ruined Rest Stop

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