Happy Halloween, Everyone!!!!! We hope you have enjoyed our spooky, sexy, and wild Monsters Ball Blog Train….and if you are following along, you just came from the Sexy Ms. Brightons Blog Post, Mistress Machine.

The entire Monsters Blog at a Glance is right here for you to see….you will find links leading to each blog with a couple of lines from the bog. I am always in awe of the talent of the ladies of Ldw/Enchantrix, and how creative and downright spooky they can all be. It is clear they love fantasy and Halloween!

Follow from start to finish of The Monsters Ball Blog Train.

Ms. Cassidy kicks off the Monster Ball here at LDW a month of spooky, life changing posts that mark your “last night on earth”…at least as you are now. Will it be heaven or Chastity Hell….Ghosts, Ghouls, Vampires and costumes….If clothing is allowed that is…join the party

Ms. Scarlet adds her contribution with kinky candy collections…both in shape and usage. Whether it’s Twizzlers for CBT, Blow Pops for cock sucking practice or sensual use of melted chocolate, hers is a delicious addition to the Monster Ball

Ms. Claire has some fun and kinky ideas for dressing up your pride and joy for Halloweenie….with ‘cock costumes’!  Hot dogs, formal tuxedos, horny Viking helmets, and even peeling banana outfits are all proper attire for your wiener at the Monster Ball!

“Ladies, Gentlemen, and Submissives! May I direct your attention to the beautiful Ms. Rachel, standing in the spotlight in the middle of the Monster Ball dance floor. Clear the floor please. We promise We’ll let you get back to shaking a tail feather soon, but Goddess Rachel and Her  Butt Sluts want to play a game, for the entertainment of all.”… This episode brings your all  Her  Bobbing for Butt Plug suggestions for those of you anally inclined!`

Ms Harper’s addition to the Monster Ball is of the  CBT variety..More specifically, She’s going to perform the Monster Mash testicle torture right here, live, in front of your disbelieving eyes! That’s right, a live performance just for us, right here in the Enchantrix Ballroom….Some subby might find themselves mighty sore in the morning….or entirely ruined!

Ms. Hunter is up next with Her devilish torturous tickling torments! Feet, testicles or anywhere that makes you squirm….You’ll be begging her to stop!  Then again, maybe she’ll have you begging Her to NEVER stop!

Ms. Andi is a Princess here at LDW but not all Princesses wear Tiaras. As much as she loves a beautiful Tiara with lots of sparkly jewels… For the Monster Ball She’ll be wearing a Witchy hat! Of course, She looks enchanting in either. This Halloween she’ll use Her witchy powers to turn you into a wrapped and totally controlled ‘mummy.’ Crawling deep inside the sarcophagus of your mind, she’ll mind fuck you into doing exactly as she commands!

Ms. Audrey hasn’t forgotten to invite those of you with tinny weenies to the Monster Ball! This party is for all who love SPH.  If you’re a small dick loser who doesn’t even make a bulge in your panties, make sure to stop by! Just know, you WILL find yourself in a chastity cage before the music ends this evening…. Look no further for your dose of Small Penis Humiliation…. After all, what’s a party without laughter…. laughing at your pathetic micro ‘clitty’ that is!

Now t’s time for Ms. Brighton’s story, about why you should be careful poking around the Mistress Mansion during the Halloween, and especially during the Monster’s Ball! The Haunted Powder Room. Away from the other guests and on your own in the powder room, the drip, drip, drip you hear might not be coming from the faucet!

Ms Becky sets the record straight about ‘Her kind’. That is, the Vampire kind!  You see, the truth about Vampires is more terrifying….and erotic then anyone knew.  After all, it does involve nibbles, bites and sucking…. This Monster Ball blog reveals the truth about Vampires and lays waste to centuries of misinformation.  it’s time that you learn the truth.  At last, decadence and depravity can be celebrated like the virtues they are!

What’s Halloween without potions? Duchess Willow kicks off the next chapter of the Monster Ball with just such a beverage. Will the potion she placed in you drink shrink you down to pocket size?… Or maybe it’ll just shrink that ‘lil’ monster of your you keep next to your pants pocket? Read on to find out your fate!

Mistress Ryan spins her Vampire yarn in old Salem…. the site of those infamous witch trials centuries ago! Be very wary on your way to the Monster Ball that you don’t find yourself followed along those old chaunted cobblestone streets by a lovely creature who eager to make your acquaintance and is quite thirsty…but not for wine!

Ms Daphne ponders the question of what to wear for Halloween and the Monster Ball in this episode.So many options…vampires, ghosts, and ghouls ….or maybe famous people? Like Lady Godiva…and wear nothing but long hair? Here’s one for the uninhibited and exhibitionists attending!

What’s Halloween…or a Monster Ball…without a little ‘Trick or Treat”? Ms. Madison’s addition to our spooky blog chain has her “tricking” an adoring submissive admirer get all decked out in sissy attire for a special party  where cuckolding and sock sucking is on the agenda…which is surely a ‘treat for her and her guests

Ms . Mandy’s episode of the Monster Ball  has us joining Kelly and Lori as the meet after yoga class to dress up for  Halloween party. As they got upstairs, Lori plopped down her big purple duffel bag on Kelly’s bed.  Seconds later sexy, hot, naughty things were strewn all over her bed. “OMG…I can’t wear these!!!” “Why…don’t you like them, Kelly?” “They’re really pretty but waaaay too small…people will know for sure that I’m a trans girl.” 

Ms. Olivia shared What happens when a man meets up with a former co-worker who gives him a job and then invites him to something called The Monster’s Ball? He made the mistake of asking for my help so I offered to choose his Halloween costume. This is a story about control, revenge, transformation and sexual pleasure.

Ms. Nadia introduces us to ‘sploshing fun’ in our next installment. Sploshing is a subset of the ‘wet and messy’ fetishes that incorporates food into sexual play. It’s a little more intense than licking some whipped cream off your partner’s body. Think more along the lines of cake sitting, pies in the face, dipping your dick into jello…. or in this case with “Jack” O lanterns…. 

Ms. Cecila has always been fascinated by spells and incantations. If something is not going the way you want, you change it. A spell to make someone fall in love with you, or, perhaps, a spell to change someone forever. She has many fantasies in mind when Halloween rolls around.  But,Her mind isn’t so much on trick or treating – it’s more – how she’d change men, one man at a time, through spells?  There’d be a whole line of men and sorted into groups. Each group would have their own role.  Whether it’s spells to turn a sissy “permanently” into a real Woman…or 24/7 service in chastity…or any other fetish, Ms. Cecila is working on potions to make them come to fruition! 

Ms. Roxie is ready to cuckold her inadequate boyfriend….and the Monster Ball is just the time to get him to cuckold himself!….by a Monster!  For some odd reason Her Boyfriend insists she leave before Midnight…. Once again, as he pushes her out of the house before midnight, She decides to wait outside to see why.  Perhaps he turns into a vampire or a werewolf at midnight.  If so, maybe she should consider one of those creatures as a new boyfriend – they’d probably be better lovers than her wimpy boyfriend.  I wonder how he’ll feel if he is cuckolded by a Monster.

Are you ready to be Ms. Fiona’s throne for the Monster Ball? What’s a weary little spooky Mistress to do?  She needs a break from haunting around all over town and has been on her sweet little feet for far too long!  Fear not…. She is willing to bet your face is the perfect place for a momentary respite. Wouldn’t you just love to be under her tight little warm body? You’ll be hypnotized by those big blue eyes putting you into a deep and dark trance. A spectral Samhain siren and prick tease princess has found her prey and there is no way you can stay away

Duchess Willow’s invite to the Halloween Ball was for a lavish prurient event.Everywhere you turned – while everyone was dressed to the nine’s, sex was happening and on display, save for those locked in chastity, who could not use their caged cocks. Women beating naked men. Men on their knees, sucking, fucking, or being fucked. The sounds of orgasmic submissives using each other for the entertainment of their Mistresses. The scent of high-priced perfume and cologne intermingled with the scent of sweat and sex and bodily fluids, permeated the senses.  Bill stood uncomfortably by the bar, watching everything happening around him, remembering his wife’s words.

“Don’t go to that party, Bill. You shouldn’t go, that’s no place for you.”  He was firm in his reasoning, kissing his wife goodbye. “I have to do this,” he’d whispered in her ear. “I just need you just this once, to trust me, please.” ….But could he trust Duchess Willow?

Ms. Cassandra spins a long ago yarn set in mysterious Egypt, where a Femdom Queen was born to a powerful Concubine who would seek revenge on her torturers. Her name was Bastet and her power would soon give her Goddess status. The eventual Queen daughter born to the Goddess was called Casi. She obtains this revenge by transforming all the males at the Monster Ball into slaves that will serve Her permanently. They will have gold chastity cages for as she declares herself the Queen of Denial.” Magically, gold chastity cages appeared on every male at the party. She conjured a golden throne and an Egyptian environment for her seat at the party. Of course, she would return these slaves to their rightful Femdom at the end of the event….or would She?

Ms Alina is next The Sorceress Of Sissy Submission is coming for you. You must not be afraid. Because resistance is futile. Let’s admit it. You wanted it for years. You dreamt about this over and over. You wished for it. You coveted it. You rubbed your cock like it was a clit. Did you think the Sorceress Of Sissy Submission did not hear and feel your plea? Mmmmm, she DID. And This Sorceress KNOWS all. Ms. Alina has a cornucopia of sissy gurl spells to render real the delights she has lined up!  From, strap-ons, to chastity, to dress up and cuckolding…it all awaits you …. sissy gurl!

Hello, cum eaters! Ms. Hunter Welcome’s you to the milking booth at the Monster’s Ball! What’s that you asked? “What is a milking booth?”  [evil laughter] Well, cum slut, I thought you’d never ask! Come on in, let’s get you out of those clothes and ready for the Milking Table! Don’t worry, it sounds scary, but trust me, it isn’t bad at all. If you’ll step over here into the milking room, you’ll see what I mean. Mmmm… yes, you like what you see, I can already tell! That’s the beauty of being naked- you cannot hide your… ere… excitement!

Explore a witchy evening of freaky femme fun at the Monster Ball, with Ms. Kay Marie!

It’s Princess Bethany’s turn at the Monster Ball as you are introduced to her version of Pumpkin Head fun! Mmm, pumpkins are so very nice to fuck. So wet and fleshy on the inside. I have turned you into the ultimate pumpkin fuck toy.  And now my hand is wrapping around the stem sprouting from the top of your head and holding you still, while I introduce my cock to your pretty boy pumpkin pussy boy mouth!

Our own Beautiful Mistress of the Macabre, Ms. Erika welcomes you to her dark corner of the spooktacular Monster Ball blog train! Her installment will involve turning her subby Ian into Her Gooner Bitch. As you read it, I’m sure you understand why….and be VERY jealous as She turns him into a cowering gooning bitch…. But be warned, you may end up caged and sore…. Oh, and you WILL be expected to ‘clean up’ whatever you spill at the party!

 It’s time for you to venture into the darkness of your hidden desires and deepest fantasies with Ms. Harper. What lurks in the undelved and unlit recesses of your unconscious mind? What deviant dreams make you wake in the night, aroused and unsettled? Have you ever explored the world of tentacle sex and cum inflation? Come now into the darkest dream of them all and enjoy your time in the world of fantasy and exploration with the story of the hapless man trapped in a world of addictive sex and endless oceans of hot, slippery, and aphrodisiac cum in this installment of the Monster Ball!

Ms. Brighton returns to the haunted powder room for one more sexy, spooky and unexpected finish to Her Monster Ball tale of terror! Beware….serving your Mistress tonight may end with an “Ex Machina” twist that will leave you forever changed! Enjoy the last night of the Monster Ball…If you dare….


Special shout out to Prissy for serving her Mistress and helping me gather all the things necessary to make this blog post happen.