As you all know this is LDW’s 19th Phone Sex Anniversary and we have some pretty awesome specials happening. You can find all the great specials here but the one I want to talk about is Two Mistress Tuesdays

Your first 10 Minutes Tuesday is BOGO

Every Tuesday in the Month of November when you do a Two Mistress Call the first 10 minutes are billed at just the price for one Mistress. That’s twice the sexy and fun! Normally I am off on Tuesday but for the Month of November, I am going to be taking calls between 1-3 pm eastern.

I plan to limit my calls to the Two Mistress Special simply so I can get as much time on the phone with my fellow sexy Mistresses. If you would like to set up an appointment I encourage you to do so otherwise it is first to call first to cum hehehehehe. (Maybe)

There are several ladies I have on my two Mistress Bucket list such as Ms. Bethany, Ms. Mdison, Ms. GiGi, Ms. Tasha, Ms. Amari, Ms. Roxie, Ms. Ruby Those are some of the newer ladies I have yet to play with and of course, my all-time favs such as Ms. Erika, Ms. Olivia, Ms. Hunter, Ms. Fiona, Ms. Scarlet, Ms. Mandy Ms. Daphne and the list goes on and on and on.

Two Mistress Call ideas

I love showing off my sluts and pets to others so there is a great way to spend 10 minutes.
Exposing your kinks and all your naughty deeds to other Mistresses.
Dick Ratings are fun as you know Ms. Willow does them ( I already have a calls et up with her for one of the Tuesdays)  and other ladies are offering them as well.

No matter what we get into on the calls a good time will be had by all. So be on the lookout for me being on for Two Mistress Tuesdays and let’s have some fun!

Roll Back Wednesdays

I also plan to be logging in for a few hours on Wednesdays and also accepting appointments for hour-long calls so you can take advantage of the lower rates for hour calls all month long! Just email me and let’s have some fun!

I am Looking Forward to some fun on the Phone in November
Your Intelligent Femdom
Ms. Constance