Well I had a fucking awesome long ass call with Ms Erika yesterday and it was all about sph oh and a bit of feminization thrown in because you see this peewee dickless wonder was in panties and a dress when the call started! This is someone Ms Erika is very fond of humiliating and I was lucky to join in.

You do what with my pictures?

So during the course of this call the little cockette holder told me that he uses my picture to look at when showering and doing other naughty things. See this beta bitch is afraid of me and hell any sexy woman really! So he chose a picture of me scowling to intimidate and humiliate him. Of course I felt used I mean I dont recall ever getting an e-mail asking if he could do so….and to think he has been naked with that unworthy clit in front of my picture! I of course told the bitch he owes me a thank you as well as all ladies pictures he uses.

Scaring this beta bitch

So this beta bitch is a bit of a pussy too. I had him quivering in his panties and not just because there was a dildo deep in that fag ass! This pussy likes to be scared and likes to be pushed and loves to share maybe a bit more info than he should…..well now he will be more careful cause ummm ya I know stuff now! I will just let you all think about that he he he. But hey pee wee dont worry you are safe with us.

the switch

So this lucky loser got to have an orgasm which I hear is super rare for the pussy. As with lots of submissive guys no matter the kink once the orgasm is over the switch happens mentally and we actually had a great conversation the three of us. I like the switch in most cases and this was one of those cases where I enjoyed a few laughs and to see what pussy bitch was like outside of the deep sub space. of course he said the word “fuck” and apologized for his foul language….to which I was asked if I was offended and here was my reply…….yes I am fucking offended how fucking dare you use the fucking F word while with me you fucker! hahaha of course it was a joke and of course I was not offended!

Thanks for the fun

So in closing had a fucking awesome time humiliating shrimp dick and laughing with Ms Erika about his beta bitch sissy fag cock sucking ways….and pee wee you are a good time. I look forward to more fun!

Female hand holding or measuring gesture isolated on white