I find myself often amused when a submissive man feels spanking is a punishment and that they deserve it for being naughty….well they could not be more wrong

Spanking is done on my terms

First of all if you get spanked by me it will be because I want to spank you and I don’t need a reason all I have to do is say over my knee and you will do as you are told. I decide when where and just how you will be spanked

Spanking makes you hot

So why would I choose something like spanking as your punishment for being naughty? Spanking makes your dick hard and turns you on there is no way a punishment I feel you deserve will be one that also turns you on.

Behave to get spanked

Now if you are a good pet and behave yourself doing anything I ask without questioning me and denying me what I want you may get that spanking you crave. If you beg like a good boy I will be happy to put you over my knee and spank that ass till it is hot and pink. If you are bad well what I would do to you would NOT make you happy like a spanking would.


So if you’re the type of guy who likes to do things wrong just to get a spanking you may find that way of thinking will backfire with me because as I said spanking is a treat not a punishment…so be a good boy and bendova for me!