So yesterday I had an awesome cam call with one of my beloved Sissy girls…she had told me she had a surprise for me like 2 weeks ago and we finally worked out a time for her to get on cam to show me! Needless to say I was thrilled and so happy about what she showed me custom made panties…I want to challenge all of you to get these panties!

Your Instructions

You can see by the pictures below that she had custom made panties done….super easy and you can get them through amazon so here is what I want you to do. You get custom panties made for me ( that you will wear) But be creative do not use the same sayings as she did on her two pairs. So order them and when you get them snap a picture actually 2 pictures… with you IN the panties and one of just the panties.

I will share them

Once I have the pictures I plan to share them here on my blog and on my twitter and tumblr. NOT the picture of you in them but the picture of just the panties. I know many of you are so fucking creative and witty! If you want to show them off to me during a cal of course that would be a fucking blast as well, and I may just let you make a hot sticky mess in them!

Not a sissy?

Well who cares! If you are just a guy who wears panties….a sissy…a cross dresser…..or just an open minded willing to do anything for me type of person get you some custom panties made, and share them with me! I am so looking forward to seeing what you all come up with and what your naughty sayings will be on your new panties.