Today we will be discussing sissy panties and how I require all my sissy girls that have given me full control to be in sissy panties every single day with very few exceptions.

Sissy Panties are a must

When you turn yourself over to me and become MY sissy girl well I expect certain things. Now how much is depending on your home life and unique situation. At the very least I want you to be in sissy panties every single day possible. Why? This is easy 1) because I said so 2) because nothing says I am a sissy more than a soft pair of sexy panties and 3) It keeps you in your sissy frame of mind feeling them on.

Variety of panties

Now is you are my sissy girl you already know I am a panty slut myself meaning I have hundreds of panties and I love variety. This means as my sissy you must have a minimum of 7 pairs of sissy panties. I would prefer more than that but the bare minimum is 7 pairs all in different colors. You can choose whatever style you enjoy but you can not have the same color. After all that’s the fun in a sissy in panties the color choices!

Share those panties

For some of my sissy girls they either send me a picture of their panty of the day or post a picture of them on twitter and tumblr. For others they simply describe the panties to me in a daily mail. Either way I want to know what panties you have on daily.

special circumstances apply

Now some of you reading may wonder well what if I cant wear them at home…of course I modify these rules as per your home life and situation. Also to add to that there are some sissy girls that are required to wear much more than just panties. Again this is all unique per sissy and no one rule fits all.

sissy panties