I have mentioned My Sissy Girl Miranda on my blog several times now and this last session we just had is defiantly blog worthy! Miranda is a very sweet sissy girl who makes it all about me her Mistress, there is no pleasure for Miranda unless there is pleasure for me first often multiple times!! hehehehehe Well Miranda and I celebrate birthdays just days apart and for the last few years now we have had a birthday call this one we just did was amazing!!!

Birthday Body Worship

Miranda is a sexy sissy girl one who I have enjoyed dressing and playing with for some time now and today’s session was perfect…her in my sexy lingerie and me in my crotch less panties sitting on her face allowing her to worship my pussy! Miranda has this unique way of really getting me off she works on that pussy using a very special technique that drives me wild I just imagine those lips pressed against my pussy when she does that sound! Miranda I think could spend days worshiping my body and I would so let her!!!

Birthday Sex with a Twist

I always enjoy when miranda is licking and servicing me but today I wanted to get fucked and I wanted Miranda to get fucked at the same time! Simple solution to this was a double headed dildo…..now imagine me slipping it inside myself and then wiggling it into Miranda’s sissy pussy…..OMG pure bliss we were rocking and grinding every move either of us made did something to the other….and it was no time at all before we both had an explosive orgasm.

Miranda describes worshiping my Pussy

You would think we would have been exhausted after all that but shortly after we both caught our breath we began just talking…….suddenly I felt that familiar tingle in my clit and I said to Miranda describe for me exactly how you would worship my ass and pussy!! Holy shit if I had known all along how hot and explosive that would be for me, allowing her to describe what she would do and how she would do it…trust me she would have been doing just that in other sessions! AMAZING is all I can say…..ohh and of course we WILL be doing that again!