So some of you cuckolding fans are hot for the idea of your woman cuckolding you with other men. Some of you are tiny in the penis area and imagine her being taken by a well hung stud…and others just get off on knowing another man is enjoying your ladies sweet pussy. So here are some signs that your lady might be cuckolding you.

She is no longer interested in sex

She hasn’t wanted sex from you in some time. The only time she seems to even care about sex with you is during holidays or anniversaries where she feels obligated to spread her legs. Well think about this if she isn’t getting it from you she is getting it from somewhere!

She feels loose

So lets say she does want to fuck you but when you do slip your dick in she seems loose and stretched some. Now mind you a vagina is designed to increase in size to accommodate a pussy and it will go back to normal…BUT if she is taking a huge thick cock daily her pussy will be stretched and not nearly as tight. If you fall out or slip in and cant feel her much I bet she is taking a big cock and we both know it is not yours!


Does your lady get random calls and text messages but never tells you who they are from? Is she laying in bed next to you on her phone typing away? I bet she and her lover are discussing a recent hook up or planning the next one.

Runs to the shower

When she gets home from work or running errands or out with the girls she runs for the shower…..she probably is doing that to wash the traces of cum from  her lover off of her body!