So last night before bed I am sitting on my porch relaxing and thought about sexual humiliation and how some enjoy it….some steer clear of it…. and some are just in denial that humiliation is something they enjoy… lets discuss it.

Denial about liking sexual humiliation

So there is a whole group of guys out there when you say oh so you like humiliation they respond with a confident NO I am not into that. Yet during the session they enjoy being giggled at and made to do silly and yes humiliating things such as….fucking food…….fucking a blow up doll…..being called a hand humper or pillow fucker. These are all types of humiliation, now are they the hardcore nasty humiliation no but it is humiliation none the less.

Why be in denial of it being sexual humiliation why not embrace it. I think in this case, as it is the case with many kinks, you fear admitting you like to be humiliated by a beautiful woman means the extreme of humiliation. This is not the case as with all kinks there is varying degrees to humiliation.

You enjoy sexual humiliation

So if you are one of the guys who enjoys it you understand there are many types. From calling you a pathetic worm to giggling at you only cumming two drops. I enjoy all aspects of humiliation from the small penis humiliation to you lifestyle humiliation…..oh ya I have a guy who loves to be called a fat fucking disgusting muthfucking loser bitch who has to pay women to watch him jerk off! Not all of you humiliation lovers like it that harsh so be sure to communicate what turns you on.

You steer clear of humiliation

There are many of you who steer clear of any type of humiliation and I get it. What I suggest you do is discuss this with your Mistress before session to be sure you are on the same page. This also applies to any of you who have very specific humiliation needs….communicate that with your Mistress before hand so she can give you the best session possible.

Not every caller gets humiliated

Nope I don’t naturally assume because someone is a sissy or a cock sucker that they wish to be degraded about it. I don’t go there with anyone unless they are seeking out humiliation. Unless you and I have established this type of relationship you will never experience humiliation inflicted by me so don’t worry. On the flip side don’t tell me you hate humiliation yet want to fuck some bubble wrap, or be teased about the fact you cant hold your cum in and you want to be made to whine and beg like a little bitch to lick it up. This is humiliation and well, I will give you just what you ask for when it comes to sexual humiliation.


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