The sexy Princess Andi and I were on a call together the other night and the topic of ruined orgasms came up. Well I was in a creative juicy kinda mood at the time and blurted out oh lets do a ruined orgasm jack off club chat event! Please vote on the poll below to tell me if you would attend….but first read what I envision would happen during the event

Stroking instructions

So you cant have a ruined orgasm event without getting some good hot jerk off instructions from both of us. We would do this in the live chat room during the event as well as with some recorded audios shared during the event. This would mean you have to tug on that cock for us following our directions.


Now although I do not have any nudes of myself I happen to have it on good authority Andi may have a naughty pic or two that perhaps we could convince her to share during it. I would also include some other naughty pictures to um lets say stimulate those dicks.

Length of event and cost

Now depending on the amount of people who pre pay for the event would determine the length of it. We would charge 10.00 per person. If we have 10 or more people who have paid we would do a full hour of explicit chat. If there are less than 10 we would only do 30 minutes. The event would also mean whatever audios we share would be sent to those who paid for the event to have forever.

Vote on the poll

Now I want you to vote on the poll below and let us know if you would be interested. There is no right or wrong answer here and please feel free to use the other option and leave a comment in the poll itself or on this blog post.

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