Hey Hey Hey get ready to play!!!!!

I want to first start this blog off by saying Thank YOU all so very much for the enormous response to the strokeathon poll and due to the fact so many of you are just aching to jerk off for us we will indeed be hosting Strokeathon 2021!!!!!

We need YOUR input

Now what we need is some more information from those of you who voted ……we need to narrow down the date and time of day for the event. Of course, the day and time with the most votes will be when the event will be held Click Here To Take The Poll

Once we have those results we will soon after announce the full details of the strokeathon the when where and how of it all. Again thank you everyone for taking the time to help with this I can not wait to see you all stroking away for us!!!

Calling all cam sluts

I would like to test out skype with myself and a few ladies and at least 5 guys at once on cam…No this will not be a session it would take 5 minutes of your time and I would appreciate you being fully clothed and NOT engage in naughty stuff. I simply want to test things out. If you are interested in volunteering for this please let me know Constance@enchantrixempire.com