It is such a powerfully erotic and poignant place for a cuckold or any submissive to be. As a cuckold kneels naked before his Mistress, regardless if she is fully clothed or scantily attired, the feelings of surrender, belonging, vulnerability, of being controlled, and of being put in one’s place, a cuckold feels can be overwhelming.

Whether it is the first time in “Her” presence as she points to the ground and commands you to “Kneel Cuck!”, or the thousandth time that your legs buckle to take your place at your Goddesses feet, it is perhaps the ultimate symbol of a cuckold’s submission. Especially, in those moments when a cuckold finds himself naked at her door awaiting his Goddesses return from a date….. or, even more appropriately, kneeling naked and chained at the foot of her bed as a Real Man takes her…..awaiting that cream pie!

A properly trained submissive knows that on his knees is where he belongs. Gazing (only when permitted) upward at the Goddess he adores. Nothing compares to feeling the serenity and humility of being at her feet, of basking in her beauty and scent. True submissives long for their Goddess to be standing above them, hands on her hips, taking in her confident slightly arrogant smile. She knows she owns you!  And a kneeling submissive, conversely, is blissfully aware that he is her owned and cherished pet.

What commands will follow? Perhaps it will be to fetch her drink? Perhaps just stay there on your knees for as long as it pleases her or………..If you’re VERY lucky to be allowed to worship her feet, her ass or pussy while still kneeling?

It should be every submissive New Year’s resolution to spend more time on their knees for their Mistresses pleasure…………….Any of you boys what to drop to your knees for this Goddess?