Here is the next part to this story….now tell me are all you stroker pets hard and horny from reading it? Been dying to see how it turns out? Well tomorrow will be the end of the story so be sure to check back for it!

I reach under the pillow at the head of the bed pulling out my favorite  masturbation vibrator and I turn it on……I sit my ass down on your chest and place my legs on either side of your head you are now staring directly at my pussy and you watch as I bring that vibrator to my clit……I throw my head back as the vibrations run through me causing my hair to brush against your aching cock…….you stare at my pussy as I begin to slip that vibrator inside and I look dead in your eyes and say wouldn’t you like to slip your hard cock in this wet pussy….you say fuck yes let me fuck you baby please……I smile and say no this toy will do the job nicely and with that I begin to fuck myself slipping the vibrator deep into my pussy pulling it out teasing my clit …you can feel my pussy juice flowing down your bare chest as I expertly bring myself to another body shaking orgasm….I sit up and glid my pussy towards your now hungry mouth once again only to brush over it and leave you licking those little bits of juice that are on your face.

I once again go down between your legs only this time I press myself into your balls you can feel my wet pussy right against them and you attempt to grind against me and start to beg please baby please I need you please ride my cock…..I laugh and say ohhh baby do you want to fuck a pussy? You say yes yes and I say well you get to fuck a pussy honey but it will NOT be mine…and with a wicked grin I grab the lube squirt it all over your cock and then you see me grab your fleshlight and squirt lube into it…you say no no not that pussy your pussy and I laugh ohh okay well if you want to fuck my pussy then go ahead……you try to sit up and you realize you cant move your hands I have them tied tightly and you cant even touch your dick let alone guide it into my pussy….you fall back on the bed frustrated and I say well that didn’t work out to well for you did it honey??? You grumble no and I say so the choice is yours….I can let you fuck this rubber pussy or you can be left just like you are……you moan noooo okay okay use it use it. I just love teasing your cock like this….

With those words I slip the fleshlight down over your cock and you let out a load moan….ohh does that feel good sweet stroker you mummer yes but not as good as your pussy…..I said well of course not silly my pussy is real this one is fake……I tell you that I am not going to move that fleshlight if you want to have your dick fucked you better start moving…..I hold just the end of the fleshlight and feel you pull back then thrust in…gasping with each stroke you begin to get lost and I start moaning ohhhh fuck that pussy baby thats it fuck tha pussy hard…you grunt and thrust your hips just as I slip your fleshlight off that cock……………….you yell FUCK and gasp looking at me confused why did you take it off…….I laugh and say because I can…and lay it beside you on the bed….there you go sweetie it is right there all you have to do is slip it back on your cock….you grunt and hiss you know I cant you fucking tied my hands behind my back….I laugh ohh thats right you cant!!!!!!!

I bet you are all dying to know does this new stroker pet of mine get to cum? Will I just end up denying him in the end? Check back tomorrow to find out!!!!