At long last I am answering all the questions I have been asking my fellow Mistresses about chastity by doing this chastity interview myself…due to the length of my answers I will be posting only half of it today and the second half tomorrow so be sure to come back to read it all


1.   As a Chastity Mistress, what do you enjoy the most about denying a man or locking them into a chastity device?

There is a thrill I get with having full and total control over a man’s cock and his ability to touch or cum or even have sex.. I wish I could put that thrill into words but it is one of those things that is electric when it happens. Sparks fly!


2.   What do you expect out of your chastity pets once you have them locked up?

Well I expect them to be honest about how they are feeling and loyal to the process and to understand I am fair yet controlling and to give me the opportunity to have that control and to trust that I know just what I am doing


3.   In your opinion, what is the most important thing that a chastity pet gets out of the relationship?

The sense of security being in the control of a knowing and understanding Mistress. I am present and hands on with my chastity slaves and never leave them hanging, chastity is the highest form of control I can have over a man and I take it seriously with an open mind and an understanding point of view


4.   What qualities do you look for in a chastity pet?

Someone who is eager and excited to do this with me, someone who will listen and understand it is not all fun and games that there are bad days in chastity but to relax knowing I understand this and can help them through it. The bottom line is someone who is 100% ready to lose the ability to do anything with their cock


5.   Do you prefer short lockups or long term?

I love all lock ups from 1 day to 1 year it is all exciting for me…….for me in this situation it is not about what I prefer but more about what the chastity slave can handle and is looking for. Long term denial and chastity is not for everyone you have to have that ache that spark to want to do it and not just do it for the woman or Mistress but because you truly want to feel owned and controlled.


6.   Do you plan a lockdown with a definite term in mind or do you prefer to “play it by ear”?

I play it by ear for the most part. We communicate clearly goals and personal situations before the lock up even happens and based on those answers I will decide what term lock up will be for.


7.   This is hot and I want to be locked up, but I’ve never tried chastity before.  What do I need to do to make it happen?

I would explain to them all about chastity with me. How I am in control and no begging or pleading will work. Either you’re locked up or your not. I would suggest they read all the many things I have written about chastity on my blog……..and then I would discuss their personal situation and what they expect to get out of having their cock locked. You also need to look into a proper fitting chastity device never but the first thing you see. Always check sizes and such and after you have done some chastity I suggest you save and purchase a custom made device, You ll find it well worth the money spent.


8.   What happens if I change my mind once you’ve locked me up?

It depends….there is always a measure of ohh fuck what did I just get myself into once that lock is in place, but there is a difference between second guessing and backing out. I am fair and I will never have someone locked who is miserable the whole time.It simply is not fun for me….but basically I give them 2 chances after that I will not allow them to be my chastity pet.


Come back tomorrow for the second and final part of My Chastity Interview so you can find out all about how I handle chastity and long term denial

Chastity Mistress Constance