Yesterday was a very special day Ms Kaylee and I offered  a free LONG ass audio to anyone who did a multi mistress call with us and man did we have some naughty fun!!!

Hit the ground running

Our phone was ringing as soon as we logged in and let me tell ya we were ready to go! Our Multi Mistress call day started with a bang and it kept on banging from the first caller to the last of our first shift we enjoyed them all!

From a light hearted conversation to a multi Mistress slave call where we put my slave through the paces, I just love showing off my pets to my Mistress Friends and love how they make me look so damn good by pleasing me and my sexy friends!

Of course I cant forget about the dirty bitch who called and had fun but couldn’t handle two sexy ladies at once and blew his load too soon hehehe but we dig doing that to you all so it was fun!

The Evening shift of multi Mistress Calls

We came back to the phones after a couple of hours break and hit the phones running yet again in fact we had back to back multi mistress phone sex calls the entire night!

We started off with a sissy slut whom we love to do cam calls with and enjoyed a cum slut who shot all over his face and my my my did one of my girls get worked over by the two of us!!! We ended our night with a wonderful sissy of mine who had us laughing and smiling and just fucking thrilled to have done this special day!

Unexpected Surprise

What Ms Kaylee and I were shocked about was all but maybe one of our callers had forgotten about the free audio they got for doing the multi Mistress call with us………..we had them so blown away they were like ohh yeah I forgot I get an audio hehehe what a sweet bonus for them and what a wonderful compliment to us!

Thank you all

I want to thank all of you who participated in this and called us supporting us and letting us enjoy some naughty fun with you. I would also like to thank all of our fellow Mistresses for sharing this event on social media and all over the place and of course thank you to the amazing dispatchers who got all of those horny callers to us!!!

multi Mistress phone sex