So today i want to talk about me being your Mistress and if this can last the test of time. I can honestly say it depends on YOU. I have bee here at ldw for 10 years now and in this time I have met and had sessions with many many callers some once and done some a few times….but many multiple years and counting.

Milestones with my clients

This past few weeks I have hit some pretty big milestones with clients and celebrated anniversaries of a few. My princess denied sissy chaste slut had just passed the 4 year mark of when she got a brand in honor of her service to me. I couldn’t be more proud to call her mine and to have her walk the earth forever branded with a symbol of my control and her devotion.

Then there is the slave whom I just celebrated 5 years of being his phone sex Mistress with. We had an extended call to celebrate with spanking and feedings and lots of edging and orgasm control. I have enjoyed the last 5 years controlling that cock and look forward to many many years with this slave.

I am also celebrating 10 years with wussy to think back to how we met in the adult kink chat room with him helping me find my way when i was brand new. who would have thought he would be becoming not only a long time pet but a friend as well. Now many things have happened in the course of the last 10 years some surprising things like him going from a big dicked stroker….to a locked up limp panty wearing pansy.  Our friendship is there regardless but it sure is nice to see this little slut evolve.

I am sure there will be many new milestones to celebrate with my callers as time marches on. One thing is for sure I am a long term Mistress if you are looking to build and cultivate a rich rewarding and kinky relationship it is possible. Just ask those I mentioned above and the many other clients I speak to and have spoken to for years. Becoming someones permanent Mistress is not something that happens over night or with a session or two, it take time and communication. So if you are ready to work towards being someone in my inner circle a cherished play pet reach out to me let me know what it is you are looking for and lets work towards it together.