Many times I am approached by someone to help them…either it be cock control…chastity….feminization and oh so much more. Well when I am approached and asked to help guide/controlĀ  or help them to reach a goal I always tell them to trust me and trust the process. All to often you want to go from 0 to 100 and it just does not work like that.

Trust me

I have been doing this for many years I have experience in many many kinks and I got this. The first thing you need to do is trust me and understand that Mistress knows best.

I wont steer you wrong

No I wont just give you any old task or things to work on. I will walk you through the process step by step and you will do step by step. You cant say I want to be locked in chastity and on day one say I want it forever. You have to understand and work through all the ups and downs. Just like you cant become a woman over night…it does not happen that way.


This is a must being patent and understanding your Mistress knows best is so important. Anything worth having takes time. You can dress up or lock up easily enough but you cant become a chastity slave or a sissy girl over night.

Do you want it or just talk about it

Now there are some who just want to discuss kinks to get off……that is fine…but if you want this as a life style it takes time and effort. Decide up front if this is what you truly want and then allow me your Mistress to do what she does best.

Are you ready

When you are ready to transform to whatever it is you are seeking hit me up….lets make sure we are compatible and then go from there. I love helping people open up kinky doors they never imagined were possible………..are you ready to trust me and understand that Mistress knows best?