Today we will discuss past clients and if i ever think about them once they stop calling….the short answer is YES. I have been here at ldw for a decade now and over these past 10 years I have met and enjoyed so many amazing callers. Many of my callers established a relationship with me in some way. Some I was closer to than others but that’s how life is, sometimes you connect deeper with some more so than others, it does not mean I don’t care about those I didn’t have such a deep connection with.

So how do I handle when a client has moved on….simply put I handle it like a mature rational adult. I often have found that many clients just move on to other things and never even mention they will stop calling….and this is fine. Nobody is obligated to me for anything just like I am not obligated to anyone for anything. of course I would prefer knowing rather than wondering but in some cases it is not possible. If I don’t have the reaction you would like me to have such as crying and questioning your motives and reasons well I apologize it is not in my nature to be this way but it does not mean I don’t care.

Many things happen that might be the reason for  client not to call anymore…life sometimes fucks us up and it happens. I never take it personally if a client stopped calling me because of something I did well I suppose he has reasons for not wanting to discuss it with me. I wont hound or pressure anyone for anything… if it was me and they moved on okay….I don’t sit around boo hooing about it.

Other times is it major life events that make a caller stop reaching out and of course I totally get it having been through several major life events in my time here at LDW some of which kept me from the phones for some time. Life happens you don’t owe me an explanation. I wish you well and hope everything turns out okay for you.

Now some clients I have grown super close to over the years have moved on to other things in life such as focusing on loved ones or work. These clients almost always say goodbye in some fashion either by a phone call or an email. How I handle it is to be understanding, sympathetic (when need be) cool an calm…some take this as unfeeling or cold but I am far from those things. I am not in the habit to throw a fit or be ridiculous about them not calling anymore. Do I miss them YES do I wish they still called of course i do but I am not the type to cry, throw a fit, be unreasonable about them having to move on. Do I think about them from time to time and the good times we have had YES. But life moves on and everyone changes and this is part of life so I deal with it.

Now if you are a previous client of mine and wonder how I would react to your return to my phone well simply put you will be welcomed back with open arms….no questions asked no explanations needed. Share as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Also if you wanted to reach out via e-mail at any time you know you are free to do so as well.

For those who have had to move on ( you know who you are) that I was especially close with just Know I think about you……..I miss you……and I hope you are doing well.

So there you have it how I feel/think when callers cant call. This is not exactly a fun nor sexy blog but a topic that has come up recently on several occasions and one I thought I should address publicly.