This is another in my series of Chastity Interviews with some of the Mistresses of ldw….I hope everyone is enjoying reading how each lady feels about locking a cock into chastity and how she handles chastity pets.


1. As a Chastity Mistress, what do you enjoy the most about denying a man or locking them into a chastity device?

The sense of empowerment

The Playful intimacy that comes from the trust

2. What do you expect out of your chastity pets once you have them locked up?

Communication of their feelings, concerns, progression

3. In your opinion, what is the most important thing that a chastity pet gets out of the relationship?

Ultimately enjoyment, satisfaction, and a sense of personal accomplishment; I always liken it to investing in a bank -the more you put in and the longer you save up, the bigger and more potent the payout becomes.

4. What qualities do you look for in a chastity pet?

Commitment, dedication, and if applicable past experience or at the least a sense of their own scope of strengths and weaknesses in potential chastity longevity work. Patience is also vital and the willingness to not start off too extreme until you have them build up to longer periods of time.

5. Do you prefer short lockups or long term?

 I enjoy the teasing titillation of both. I find long-term makes both of us more creative in our play and much like sensory deprivation; it increases the intensity of other forms of erotic energy play.

6. Do you plan a lockdown with a definite term in mind or do you prefer to “play it by ear”?

Depends on the sub/pet. Some thrive with schedules and others do better with a more improvisational set-up.

7. This is hot and I want to be locked up, but I’ve never tried chastity before. What do I need to do to make it happen?

Sort term goals; practice wearing a device for very short periods of time prior to planning any chastity schedule. Make sure you gauge as to how your body and mind reacts to the newfound restrictions. Also make sure there is proper fit and no irritations to the skin or circulatory system (beyond of course the inability to get aroused comfortably)

8. What happens if I change my mind once you’ve locked me up?

You are ultimately free to make that choice but the more effort and time you put into this work, the more your mistress will pour into this exploratory journey and future erotic endeavors. There is much to be learned and gained when something is temporarilyabstained from.

9. What changes can I expect in my life if you lock me into a chastity device?

Other than the obvious sexual ones, the many reactions vary. Some find short-term frustration initially but long-term productivity, creativity and bodily-control even when released outside of the device.

10. How would you deal with a pet who has removed the chastity device without your           permission?

This varies. It depends on the pet and the set-up we discussed ahead of time.

11. Of all the pets that you’ve put into chastity devices, approximately what percentage will slip or otherwise not complete their term?

Approximately 25% but I think that’s mostly because they had at least subconsciously and maybe even advertently wanted to for punishment/attention aspects instead of actual chastity in and of itself. They seem easy to spot at the start if they are not really into anything beyond the taste of it.

12. Since you don’t hold the actual keys to the device, how can you be sure that your chastity pet isn’t cheating?

The real shackles here are metaphorical, so that’s what’s important for me to consider and remember (at least IMHO). It’s like we provide the “key and lock”, but they choose to lock themselves up under our guidance. The real power is getting to know the pet so well that they want to please you of their own volition and even learning their subtle signs that can be transparent even if their words may try to deceive.

13. How would you answer a prospective chastity pet who says, “I want to be locked up and never cum again”?

I’d personal take it with a grain of salt but I wouldn’t tell the pet that. I’d see how long they could play it up and last though for sure.

14. Being locked in chastity is difficult. How do you as the Mistress provide guidance and maintain your pets to keep them on the path?

Meditation, breathing work, diversion and distraction tactics, encouragement, gentle goading& challenges (and praise when the challenges are met).

15. What are some of the day to day difficulties that I’ll experience if you lock me up?

Slight discomfort

Sexual frustration at least at first


16. In your experience, what signs do you look for that would indicate that a locked pet might be having trouble?

They call inconsistency or way more often than normal and seem extra needy/clingy (if that’s out of character typically) and start asking a litany of questions that we’ve already covered at the beginning.

~*Fiona the Femme Fatale*~

Chastity Mistress Fiona