Masturbation May Blog Train Takeover is in full swing and you just came from Ms. Daphne’s post on Ms. Mandy’s blog here and now time for the next one…keep reading for How to stroke for Mistress

Surprise! How To Stroke For Mistress is brought to you by Mistress Erika! That’s right horny stroker , I’ve taken over Mistress Constance’s Blog on our Masturbation May Blog Take Over Train! I love playing with the other Ladies here at Enchantrix, teasing and tormenting you! I am sure many of you know the sweet torment it is having more than one Mistress tease and tell you how to stroke that cock! A lot of you also love masturbation assignments,(aka JOI) so why not a double team that naughty cock, in a blog train combining all of the sexy elements!?

Are you ready? Great! Buckle up stroker boy these are the ways you are going to Stroke For Mistress!

But Mistress I’m in Chastity

Some of you might be tingling in your cages, but wait!! If you are currently under LOCK and key, this is not permission to unlock and stroke! No, you chastity pet, get to read and hear how others get to play with that dick! But don’t run away yet, there’s a sexy surprise at the end, so grab those balls and let’s go!

Rules For Play

1- Pick one stroke per day. You may use the stroke as many times in one day as you can! Edges are allowed

Stroke For Mistress

You Love When We Double Teaming You

but please keep track of HOW many you did! I’d love for you to email me when you are done and tell me how many edges you did and with what stroke!

2- No orgasm unless you reach out to Me, or Your Mistress to ask for permission!

3- After you’ve done five days of stroking, try adding the optional /add on naughty ways to stroke to each stroke!

Preparing To Stroke

For those dry strokers, you may want to use some kind of lube for these strokes, Mistress orders! Get a small bowl or glass and put a few tablespoons of olive, cooking, or coconut oil for your play!

Bring a hand towel!

For those who may have a raging hard on at the drop of a breeze or simply the anticipation of stroking, dive right into the stroke!
For those who need a bit of encouragement to get that cock rock hard, begin with ten minutes of viewing a sexy video, or series of gifs. Then using only finger tips tease that naughty stick to full erection and then.

How To Stroke For Mistress

Some of you who have only used the tried and true, up and down may see these as unusual masturbation techniques, but I assure you I have naughty guys doing one or more of these on the daily! For more fun with unusual masturbation <—–check out my poll from Enchantrix Empire on some of the unusual ways they stroke that dick!

Hand Over Hand– with one hand grab the base of that cock, slide that hand up (slowly at first) and as that hand rises up and “leaves” some cock at the base take your other hand grabbing the base and sliding up. Once that first hand slips up and off your cocks head,start again at the base, and stroke up. So it’s hand over hand stroking ONE WAY, UP!

Fire Stick- Flat hands, put that hot cock between the palms of your hands with fingers outstretched and touching. Roll one hand forward and one hand back, like you are twirling a stick to make a fire!

Frenulum Fun – Hold your cocks head with your thumb and forefinger. Thumb on the top and forefinger on that sweet spot (frenulum) rub (don’t stroke) with your forefinger in soft little circles. You can massage your balls with the other hand, or hold by the base. If you have never had an orgasm with this method, put it on your bucket list!

Circle of O – Make an OK sign with your hand. Keep those three fingers pointing out! Now put that circle over your cocks head , keeping those fingers pointing p to the ceiling, start with 3 minutes, stroking that circle around the head only. After 3 min you can stroke just the shaft for 3 minutes then after 6 minutes werk it all the way up, all the way down in the circle of O!

Reverse Stroke 2.0! Some of you know what a reverse stroke is, but this is my unique take on this sexy stroke! For those who are not sure , make a loose fist. Turn that hand so your forefinger and thumb go over your cocks head first, vs your pinky. That my friends is the reverse stroke, some call it the upside down. it’s fantastic for many reasons, one reason I like it because those finger tips can be positioned to add a little direct stimulation to that frenulum!

Here’s the 2.0 part. Stroke to an edge, then stop, remove your hand and do 3 kegels. But at that same time take the finger tips of your stroking hand and rub just at the base of your cock on your pelvic region. Explore and massage rather vigorously. That cock should be bouncing around ! Once the edge has subsided, repeat!

Spice Up Your Strokes With These Sexy Options

Warm N Cold- bowl of ice water , dish of warmed up lube. Stroke to an edge using one of the techniques, keeping your opposite hand in the cool water for few min, when you edge quickly replace your stroking hand with the cold hand and continue! Is that cool hand warmed up? Your other hand in the warm (NOT HOT) lube and switch it up!

Soft N Sexy- Find something soft n sexy a pair of satin panties, scarf or those OH so soft n fuzzy PJ’s. Use that instead of lube!

Spice Of Life- Your kitchen cabinets are filled with yummy stroking choices! Use one or more of the strokes but use something fun and festive!
Butter, pudding, jelly and as mentioned above cooking oil!

Shower fun – Using your shower head on those balls and taint while doing your stroke! Two handed strokes do not apply!

Chastity Pet Fun!

So here we have arrived at the end of the blog, and if you are a good chastity pet that cock is probably profusely leaking right now with the delicious ways free range cock get to stroke! But just because you are locked up , doesn’t mean you can’t join in the fun! Hop on over to MY BLOG: Intelligent Phone Fantasy where the lovely Mistress Constance modifies the play for you locked cock!

Until We Chat 💋
Mistress Erika

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